Nov 20, 2010

It Came out of the Lead Toy Chest: Loaded with Kryptonite Edition.

Hmmm... Kryptonite... Am I doing a Superman toy Review?
I'm doing a Lex Luthor Review... He comes with Supergirl in the DCUC 2 Pack: KRyptonite Chaos.
First I'll start with the obvious: This is a Mattel DCUC 2 pack.BUT the toys are not DCUC figs. They're from the previous DC line DCSH... (Basically the Mattel/DC counterpart to ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics. This was before Mattel decided to allow the 4H to have more articulation.)
While my pics start with Super Girl I'm going to start with Luthor.
He's a rerelease of the DCSH Luthor.

He's got about 23 -25 PoA, BUT His skirt restricts the leg articulation and his Torso Armor restricts most of the upper Arm Articulation... On the Other hand his ankle has an abnormally weird range. 2.0
Paint and sculpt:
There seems to be no sloppy paints on Luthor and the sculpt is very detailed. Even the PoA are masked by rivets and other cybernetic details on the armor. 4.5
Luthor comes loaded with Kryptonite. Unlike his DCSH counterpart he does not have the Kryptonite gun. 2.5

Overall: 3.0 He could've been better if he had the Kryptonite gun, but the Logistics monster reared its ugly head once more and eliminated a key accessory for a character rerelease... Another chance for Mattel to redeem themselves was with the Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor 2 pack... Once again Lex and Kryptonite, but no gun.

Now to Supergirl.
Funny Story, my first DCSH toy was a Supergirl, but used as custom fodder for making a Gwen Stacy.
This is another DCSH rerelease... If they just rerelease Batgirl I'd be happy... Now unto the review of the girl who fight for, Truth, Justice and Panty shots everywhere.
About 22 POA. but the skirt restricts the leg articulation. The cape only restricts her right arm's backwards movement AND she has loose knees and ankles... something common on most toys... From Mattel! 4.0
Paint and Sculpt:
There's some slight paint bleed on some of the yellow trim areas. Sculptwise the only thing I don't like much is the Windblown hair that only looks good on a classic Super___ flying pose. (Which can't be achieved due to the lack of range of certain articulation points or interference from a rigid skrt.)3.5
Accessories: Zilch! Nada! 0.0

Overall: 2.5 She lost a lot of points due to the lack of poseability with her skirt. The weird thing is that her cape is very soft, but her skirt is super hard...

2 pack's overall score: 2.75 It's an awesome 2 pack, but the rigid skirts and lack of certain important accessories hurt it in the long run. At least its not one of the millions of 2 packs with Hal Jordan or Batman on it...

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