Jan 18, 2010

Holy something Something Batman!

Yes... The fill-in-the blank Robin quote. Robin, the quintessential sidekick. What's a Sidekick? Robin is, but I'll let the dictionary define a Sidekick.
Main Entry: side·kick
Pronunciation: \ˈsīd-ˌkik\
Function: noun
Date: 1906
: a person closely associated with another as a subordinate or partner.
Basically Robin in a nutshell. Now for a list of my favorite Sidekicks that ARE not Richard Grayson (Robin)... Maybe I'll throw in some that I hate... just for kicks.

First on my list:

The Nanny of Lion-O Man-child Lord of the Thundercats... Seriously Lion-O's mind is that of a child younger than Wily Kat and Wily Kit, but trapped in an adult body. That's why he needs a nanny. Snarf seems to have a speech problem since he adds the word Snarf to almost every sentence, snarf! snarf! He's not that useful in battle, he's more of a comedic relief. (Many Sidekicks suffer this fate.) HE also has the "Talking Animal/Pet" thing going for him.

Poor Raiden. He was (is) hated by fans for taking away the "main character" role from Soldi Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2. He gets peed on, receives a strange Presidential salute, his life has been messed up. (Parents killed by his adoptive father. raised to be a child soldier, followed up by intensive brainwashing by VR training. Having a "fake" girlfriend who then turned out to be a spy that fell in love with him. Constantly harrassed by a bisexual vampire who wants to kill or mate with Raiden.) Why is he a sidekick? He was helping Solid Snake (the "true" main character.) and that turns him into a sidekick. He gets a "cool" cyber nionja makeover for MGS 4 and helps snake along the way. Like a good sidekick he gets a lot of crap and whatever he does to help goes with little recognition.

Yes, the Trollan Mage/ Eternian Court Jester made the list. He is a sidekick and of the worst kind: The Suit induced child like character that Kids "can relate to". Which translate to; Annoying character that kids hate because it's stealking time from the cool characters and Adults hate because it dumbs down the show. I love the little guy because HE IS annoying.

Steve Urkel

The guest Character who became a sidekick and then STOLE the spotlight. I love Steve Urkel... not in that way you creeps... I mean as a fellow nerd I can understand where he comes from and see his charm. (So does James Rolfe, the guy talking in the Urkel vid I posted.) I dislike the Turning Urkel into a main character of the later episodes. (I did enjoy the Steve/Carl "adventures")

BTW. Notice that Urkel and Orko have high pitched voice and are very prone to disaster...

Lilly Truscott/Lola Luftnagle
This one was to be expected... I mean I made a Review about a Lola doll. Lilly/Lola is/are Miley/Hannah's sidekick... This secret Identity stuff is kind of annoying. Again, Disaster Prone, ditzy and is likely to end up in weird situations just to help her BFF Miley/Hannah. (You're probably thinking: "Hmm! She looks like someone, but I can't quite put my finger on it... Here's a hint...)

Enough about that let's move on with the list:

Oh Hadji! Using your mystic talents... Acting so smug and dizzying poor Jonny Quest...
-Sim Sim Salabim!
No wonder you can't get past airport security... Keep that up and they'll bring Fisto to the checkpoint.
(Video of Fisto... Guess what that Right Hand's for?) Yes the narrator IS Peter Cullen (No relation to Edward...) who is Peter Cullen? Optimus Fricking Prime!

sCRAPPY Doo... What can I say about him? Let me at 'im! Let me at 'im! to steal a line from that annoying runt. He killed Sccoby Doo, Period. Shaggy is a nice Sidekick. sCRAPPY? I guess that you've got the Idea...

James Wilson
Dr House's personal Watson, Wilson. He likes to "fix" "damaged" women when he's not playing House's sidekick. (one sidekick that does not rely in comedy to do his role.)

Jar Jar Binks
Funny how there is no video of Jar Jar...
OK, I lied... Jar Jar is the foulest Abomination to hit Sci-fi... Well other than...

But that guy is not a sidekick, Jar Jar is. Just watch teh Phantom Menace. You'll hate Jar Jar as much as nerds hate Herr Funkelt... Edward Cullen.

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