Jan 26, 2010

Jan/26/2010 Odds and Ends.

Looks like I forgot someone on my Sidekicks post... Barry: The asthmatic kid from the Movie sidekicks. Her spent most of his time being Chuck Norris' immaginary sidekick.

Yeah I also forgot Navi... Not to be confused with the Na'vi (aka the Humanoid blue CGI kitties from Avatar). Navi is a fairy from the N64 game The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. She is useful as a character since she can give you tips on what to do, she can lock on to targets so Link can talk to or attack. The only annoying thing about her is her constant Watch Out! Hey! Listen! Hello!

Tomorrow: JAN 27 12:00PM Eastern Time the Overlord of Evil will Return... Skeletor!!! If you like Masters of the Universe You can get him at mattycollector. com

In other News, Ronald Mc Donald seems to be in trouble once again...
All of this because one slice of cheese!? DAMN! First the mc nugget incident and now this!? Good thing I'm more of a Wendy's guy... Mmmmmm! Frosty!

Avatar related news coming up!
Oy! What's next people cosplaying as the Na'vi?
Don't send me links to that... Please!

Now for a Public Service Announcement: (Everybody's doing one Haiti related Article, so I'll toss mine in here.)
If you wanna help Haiti by sending provisions, money or whatever; just do it. Don't expect everyone to throw a freaking parade just cause you donated your spare change at Wal*Mart. I'm tired of everyone and their mothers "wanting to help" because that's the in thing. Here's something to think about: Would you have helped them if the quake hadn't occured? Helping others should come from the heart, not because it's trendy.
The following video can be considered offensive if taken out of context.
Not that one... Well it IS kinda offensive. There should be a TV rule that men shouldn't wear satin boxers... THIS ONE DOWN HERE is the "offensive one".
I wonder has Rockstar Games has helped Haiti? After the whole mess they got in a few years ago with that mission in GTA Vice City...

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