Jan 28, 2010

Shows that need to vanish soon! (if they haven't aldready)

I watch a lot of TV, maybe too much TV...
Since I watch a lot of it I've seen some good shows and some bad shows. Even some shows that started good and morphed into giant steaming piles of... you get the Idea...
I will start this list with...

Yes the first Season was good (what little I saw of it) The second season wasn't that great, now we have Hiro as comedy Relief, Sylar... I don't even know if he's evil, good or just phoning it in... The Cheerleader... The one that had to be saved to save the world?
Well she fights Japanese Whalers in Real Life... That's got to count for something...

The Cleveland Show:
I love Cleveland as a character, but the show has been BORING! I honestly tried to like it. I just can't believe how the FOX it got a second season...

Ugly Betty:
I did liked the first season of this show. It was supposed to be an "Americanized" version of Yo Soy Betty La Fea. This was so far from the original verison (or it's "Mexicanized" version La fea mas Bella) that it seemed NEW and FRESH, then we got a Tranny Mistique and the show became massive multiple plot city and to be honest somewhere laong the line my interest waned.

Man vs. Wild (Born Survivor):
No I'm not hating on the show because of Bear being "fake" and 90% of his stunts being in controlled conditions. The show has become routine and some of his Survival tips & tricks are WAY over the top (even for Bear standards.)

Spongebob Squarepants:
There I've said it, RECENT Spongebob SUCKS. (I'm not too fond of Early Spongebob, but It was way better than the later Episodes.)
How can you make Spongebob even worse? Dub it in Spanish...
Somehow turning Spongebob Japanese seems to make it better...

Yes I know that some of you will fall off your chairs while reading this... ME wanting Mythbusters to end!? It must be Blasphemy! Madness!! (insert This... Is... SPARTA!!! Here)
Lately Mythbusters has turned into:

Thanks Adam for explaining it quite well. Senseless Boom! Boom! is almost Spike TV-esque.
I'm getting a bit tired of the Build Team (Tori, Grant and Kari's Substitute trying too hard to be funny.)
Discovery Channel is switching the show a lot that I have no clue when it's on!! (Supposedly it's Mondays at 9PM)

VH1's Love shows: (and Spin-offs)
VH1, MTV's so called hip, oldies loving brother... Not anymore... Ever since MTV's M stopped being for Music, Vh1 took a turn for the Worst.
I don't care if Flavor Flav, or Bret Michaels can't get love. Neither if some of those girls can't either, or if some of the guys trying to date those girls couldn't get love. I do not care if those girls get drunk and act like sluts try to be more refined in "Charm School"...

Ok we have Flavor of Love, Rock Of Love, I Love New York, Meagan wants a Millionaire, Real Chance of Love, now Frank The Entertainer's Basement Affair. 6 shows plus possible second or third seasons... There is only one good thing about these shows: I love money. (That's the VH1 version of the Real World/ Road Rules Challenge.)

Honorable Mention:
Steven Seagal: Lawman

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