May 4, 2010

El Sr. Condon dirigira Rompiendo el Amanecer... I y II

Mr Condon (I wonder if anyone has told him that his last name is Condom in Spanish...) is Directing Breaking Dawn. (Still uncertain if he'll do it in one or two movies) He is getting ready for it and his office looks like a Hot Topic right now. So it looks like it's two more years of apple holding unless Ms. Meyer finishes Midnight Sun and works on her Edawrd Centric Sequels... (or Prequels... She might milk more Edward on his Pre-Bella Era.)
Yes Twilight (and a keg of beer) are helping me to get rid of the bad Kung Foo kid aftertaste.

I may not Agree with Ebert that often but here I agree with him.
3-D Ebert Rant.
Sorry for this article being short, but it's a bit hard to write when expelling the Kung Foo Kid poison from my system...

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