May 10, 2010

Fighting for everlasting peace... or at least faithful adaptations.

Megaman!! Capcom's little Blue Bomber that reminds me of Astro Boy... Could a Live Action movie be made? Yes... Could it be good? Yes... Could it suck royally? Yes!
The fight for Everlasting Peace in Live Action... or a Megaman fan movie...

The movie lasts about 90+ minutes and covers the first Megaman game.

It's not a masterpiece. The effects are not the best... they rival some made to TV movies or the later Power Rangers shows. The script is not exactly the best, but then again Megaman's story is not Oscar material either. With those "flaws" I have to say that it captures the essence of megaman (even if it excludes the frustrating platforming sections) I wonder How Hollywood would botch it.

Metal Gear Philanthropy: A Metal Gear inspired Fan Film... (Not a recreation of previous games Another fan film. This time its Metal Gear. Again not a masterpiece but captures the essence of the games way better than Hollywood would...

Now I kinda wished that Hollywood would stop messing with the source material when making adaptations. I understand that changes have to be made to adapt videogames into movies, because Gameplay translated to a movie would be kinda boring. I do believe that nods to the gameplay should be done.

Kinda like this... not like Uwe Boll's House of the dead where scenes STRAIGHT from the game... are shown at random intervals... and I don't mean re-enactments with actors, but the game itself is shown randomly... (True that THAT is the best thing about the movie, but it doesn't spare the movie from sucking...)

Now as i said before, changes HAVE to be made, but when you lose the entire world from the games and you have something else then, you're doing it wrong...

I don't remember the Dennis Hopkins, Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo movie looking anything like this... I am talking about the world itself and the characters, not saying that the movie did not mimick the gameplay.

Adding unnecessary new (at times Mary Sue types) characters when the game has plenty of characters to choose from. Like Alice in Resident Evil films.
Alice was Ok in the first movie. The moment they turned her into a super mega goddess that can beat Batman, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal was the moment the Movies Jumped the Shark...

Straying from the Source Material so far that it barely resembles it. Again Resident Evil suffers from that... stupid extinction... the only thing I like about it is the Death of Alice scene...

People often reply to this:
If you want to see the game why don't you just play it?

Simple, for the same reason people see movie adaptations of books. To see their favorite characters and scenes on the big screen. (or nitpick at the changes) I personally won't want an 100% exact replica of the game on the big screen. I just want movies that do justice to the source Material. Is it THAT hard Hollywood?

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