Jun 27, 2010

Being Johnny Cage sucks less than being Johnny Caged!

It's true! He is dying and being revived most of the time in MK games. He was the only non-boss MK I character left out from the MK vs DCU game.
This JCVD tribute/ joke character really has the deck stacked against him.

Poor Johnny lost his trademark move (The Groin Punch) shortly after dying for the first time...

At least Johnny can deal with all those pent up frustrations in MORTAL KOMBAT!!

Why do I like Johnny Cage?
-I have a soft spot for joke Characters. Luckily Cage is not a sucky Joke Character.
-He's a tribute to Jean Claude Van Damme.
-He's the most normal of the original MK characters... (He's not some superepowered ninja,a thundergod, a shaolin monk, or a member of the Special Forces) but does not seem out of place like certain Policeman from MK3 that I won't mention by name.
-Groin punch! Yes, it's an immature move that gave birth to the term being Johnny Caged; but it's fun to use in Kombat.
-He is just plain awesome!! He Kept the Hard sounding C in MORTAL KOMBAT...
-Avoided most of MK: Annihilation by committing suicide at the beginning of the film.
-Stole Liu Kang's chance to Kill Goro in MK: Shaolin Monks.

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