Jun 17, 2010

Odds and Ends June 17th 2010

Wow! Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen gave birth to a baby girl! Time out! No it's not Zack Morris' baby. Time in! Baby Harper, who weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz., is "doing great," as are the new parents.
Good to know that a former child/teen star did not screw up or star in a sex tape unlike certain SBTB star who happens to have the same nickname as an evil MOTU bird.

Even the almighty Horatio Caine gets some...
crap flung at him...

Being sued for $1.2 million can drive a person to...murder

Why would she sue Horatio Caine!? He's such a nice guy! He even carries Pre-Autographed pics of him for his fans in his jacket! Luckily for Caruso this issue did not end up like this:

but apparently He's... off the hook.

After 8 years and Kingdom of the Crystal Callista Flockheart's face! Harrison ford marries a Skeleton! No biggie. Han Solo just tied the knot... He really did take his time!! Hopefully he'll take more time and delay the possibly awful fifth Indiana Jones movie.

I've heard about AXE deodorant attracting Cougars but this is way too farfetched and too literal. CK cologne to attract JAGUARS, as in the Wild Cat...

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