Jun 21, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest really fast!

It's been a while since I've posted stuff here, busy with offline stuff (prepping for some other ranticles/reviews for the blog as well.) and the whole She-Rapocalypse... While waiting for the MOTUC toys to arrive here's one little toy that I've been dying to own and review...
It's DC Universe's very own Flash! (Number II) I'll admit that I haven't read a DC comic in years and Barry Allen was dead about the time I started to read, but he's the Flash I knew from the Super Friends and stuff. He's my very first DCUC character... (If Wal-Mart finally stocks the Batman and Robin two pack, Barry won't be alone...) That's him on his package and yes this is the All Star re-release so he is not part from whatever wave he was in DCUC.

If you notice the packaging, Mattel ingeniously made it look like he's running fast.

Now unto the review: As always 1 = crap and 5 = Totally awesome toy that I want to be buried with when I kick the bucket.
I hate the hinge/cut joint on the thighs. I said it on the SF4 toy review. I hate it even more on the DCUC toys. Instead of having the cut near the hinge like the SF4 toys, the cut is mid thigh. Other than that the Articulation is really good. (Similar to MOTUC) Single joints in knees and elbows but I kinda wish they were double jointed. Yes he looks pretty awesome in that pic, like he's running very fast, doesn't he? To tell you the truth he fell right after I took the pic... In the words of Carlito Caribbean Cool: That's not cool!

This is a Mattel Toy. Like Hasbro they LOVE reusing blank bodies. Flash is using one of the DCUC bodies. (If I get a second DCUC character I can go on in detail about this.) I know that his boots are not part of the standard body. Mostly because of the little wings and the grooves on Barry's boots for better traction. He's pretty much molded in red and everything else is painted.
Minimal paint apps are used here for the non red stuff and some shading in the red parts so he doesn't look too toy-like. There's little to zero paint app errors here.

Here's where the DCUC pales in comparison to good old ML, MOTUC, Even WWE figs.
The Flash has a pin celebrating DC's 75 years AND a generic clear blue stand.
That's it. No clip on streaks of color simulating his super speed, or a personalized stand that looks like he is running super fast.

Overall score: 3.33
Don't get me wrong, Flash on his own is an amazing figure. The problem is that Mattel is giving us very little with each figure, while the costs increase.

Now If they made an Apache Chief I'd so buy him...

Kinda wished I was a DCUC fan when Mattycollector released the Wonder Twins... Without Gleek.

OK I just want the main cast of the Superfriends... Just to make fun of Aquaman... (Sorry Aquaman fans, but in my book he rates lower than Marvin and Wendy... They're lower than The Wonder Twins and they're really low on the coolness scale.)

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