Jun 29, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: Holy Something Batman!

Still waiting on She-Ra, the Evil Robot copy of her brother and Randor's Creepy brother... So instead of reviewing an old Hasbro GI Joe fig, I'm reviewing a couple of DCUC figs.
As you can see these guys seem to be Toys R' Us exclusives (even though I've seen some of these All Star figs outside of TRU... Weird) The Bat package suffered an accident... Slipping on banana peels actually does work.
Here you can see all the accessories of all 3 figs: The clear blue stand, the pin and their personal accessories. (Nightwing has his sticks, GL has his Power Battery and Batman has a grappling hook and a Batarang.)
My humble DCUC collection... Kinda needs a Superman, doesn't it?

Now unto the Review part: As always 1= crap and 5 equals awesome!
I hate the hinge/cut joint on the thighs. I said it on the SF4 toy review. I hate it even more on the DCUC toys. Instead of having the cut near the hinge like the SF4 toys, the cut is mid thigh. Other than that the Articulation is really good. (Similar to MOTUC) Single joints in knees and elbows but I kinda wish they were double jointed. Copy/pasted from Flash since these figures share the same joints. Batman loses some range in movement/posing because of the stiff cape.
Nightwing 4.0, Green Lantern: 4.0, Batman 3.5

Paint/Sculpt: Again this is Mattel so Little Paint Apps and maximum reuse. Less paint means less chances to screw up. Incredibly enough they have a couple of Personalized Parts: Batman has his belt, gloves and lower legs. Nightwing has his Upper back with the stick holders, his lower arms and lower legs also different from the base body. Green Lantern's only new piece is his Ring hand.
Nightwing: 4.0, Green Lantern 3.5, Batman: 4.0

Already talked about the Stand and the pin, so I won't go at them once more.
So I'll talk about the individual accessories:
Nightwing: He's got his sticks to fight crime and he can either hold them on his hands or place them on his back.

Green Lantern has his Power Battery, but no Green energy constructs to showcase the power of his Ring. So I'm stuck with having GL at his weakest or not using his accessory.

Batman: How can I say this? He's got a Batarang... It's warped as hell, so that means a Thermal water shower for it. He's got a grappling gun... With an abnormally soft grappling hook, The gun is also soft AND its splashed with silver flecks... Kinda looks like a negative dalmatian. Last but not least the rope on his grappling hook is barely as long as a GI Joe fig. (the little joes...)

So, the scores on Accessories are:
Nightwing: 3.0, Green Lantern 3.0, Batman: 2.5

Overall scores:
Nightwing: 3.67
Green Lantern: 3.5
Batman: 3.0

Out of those 3 my favorite figure scored the lowest, mostly because the ideas for his accessories were good, but executed poorly. I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying tinkering with Green Lantern, the plainest of the three figs.

Behold some extra pics for fun! Click on them to see them full size.

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