Jul 2, 2010

Odd and Ends July 02 MMX

What in the blue Hell!? This Douchebag wants to have the Power? Nuh Uh! There's no way in Hell that HE should play He-man... I'd rather have Sean William Scott play He-Man...

Now on other news: Percy Jackson or Donald Glover (the black Spider-Man) ARE NOT going to be Spider-Man...
Just some 27 year old Brit is going to play a teenaged Peter Parker in the Spider-Man Reboot. Andrew Garfield, who turns 28 this August 20 is the actor chosen to play Spider-Man. In 2 years he'll be 30. He might be 32 by the time the sequel hits theatres. This guy's even OLDER than Tobey Maguire was when the first Spider-Man movie was being filmed. Does he have what it takes? I don't know, but his age has me worried.

There he goes again... Racist Mel on another hate-filled rant... This time it was against the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva. Dude take a chill pill!

He's not dead! wait he IS!? Sergio Vega murdered hours after denying rumors of his death. Irony at its finest...

This weekend is the 4th of July Weekend... If you're proud to be an American celebrate it, but please don't mess with fireworks while drunk or high... I don't want to have you on the odds and ends post 4th of July... for being an idiot.

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