Jul 3, 2010

It Came From the Toy Chest... Another Blue Man Edition.

Keldor is Here!! The Eldest son of King Miro has plans for the Kingdom of Eternos and they do not involve Randor.
Let's see The Randor Hating, Hordak Serving Soon to be a Boneheaded Overlord of evil... out of the package.
Does he look Familiar? He's almost a Skeletor Reissue, but with different hands and feet and he's got a Cape... an Acid Vial and 2 half swords. I already complained about them on the last Action Figure Woes So I will not talk a lot about them.

Now Unto the Review itself:
As always 1 = Crap waste of plastic and 5 = Ultra Awesomeness.
Articulation: Same as every male MOTUC so far. Longer hair diminshes the ability to look up a bit. Nothing new to add here 4.0

Again nothing to write home about. Paints are used sparingly. One cool thing is that the crossbones are grey but have a light metallic drybrush and it makes them shine. THe only new sculpt on the figure is the Face which is a work of Art. It has this dashing heroic look, but at the same time has a devilishly look to him that captures Keldor really well.

Ok Here's where things go south With Keldor. First he's a Bonus Figure, which means he's going to get less stuff than a normal figure.
His Accessories: The Removable Armor, The Cape, The Acid vial, and the 2 half swords.
The Half Swords... I'm trying to do this as impartially as possible.
The Keldor half swords tend to join properly, as seen on the left half of this picture. A few minutes later I decided to see if Faker's half sword would join with Keldor's... Nope they don't join. Not only they don't join, but now both of Keldor's halves will not join at all!
My Keldor has to be stuck with non accurate weapons and they don't work properly.

Overall 3.67
Keldor is not a bad figure, but he was doomed thanks to Mattel's stubbornness. The flat out refusal to add his accurate swords that split mildly better than the "vintage" Power Sword halves. The Lack of certain Keldor-Specific Accessories, like the Melty face alternate head, or a reuse of the Skeletor Head. I mean what's the point of adding the Acid vial if you're not going to give Keldor the Melty face Alternate head.

I think I'll give Keldor the Faker Half and the Female Keldor half swords so he looks slightly closer to his 200X version... until I find a spare Skeletor 200X Sword...

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