Jul 27, 2010

Odd news ans Ends: July 27th 2010

Wait a minute!
So now she's back!? But I said a couple of weeks ago that you retired... Oh Amanda! stop messing around with my mind!! I can't stand the "I Quit! No wait! I'm kidding! Okay Now I quit! Gotcha!" game... MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!

Luke, I have financial problems Darth Vader robbing a bank! Now that must be a very WTF moment... Now if Darth Vader mugged George Lucas; it would be awesome!

Ok! There was X-Men vs Street Fighter, then Marvel Vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom came along. Capcom then fought their longtime rival SNK in Capcom vs SNK and SNK vs Capcom. Tatsunoko wanted some of the VS action and fought Capcom in Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Now the latest VS Game that involves Capcom is...

Street Fighter VS Tekken!?
How will this work!? I can't see the SF characters stripped of their superhuman attacks to fit in with the Tekken people... or viceversa.

Ed Norton is out and seems that Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner might become a reality!? I dunno. He is good, but Edward Norton is better. Hopefully it won't suck... and BTW Miley's Asgardian-in-Law will have his helmet!!

What's the name of the Toyline that is coming back from the dead? Marvel Legends, baby! They're back for 2012!! One of the biggest news from SDCC... or it would've been if Hasbro hadn't killed the line. This reeks of jealousy of DCUC's current dominance in the Superhero figure genre... DCUC is currently on top because Hasbro ignored ML and forced their attention on the little guys. Still 2012 is too far away and MOTUC has all my attention now... Hasbro better come up with figures that are more poseable, have better paintjobs and with better sculpts than the MLs from Toy Biz... Which I doubt they'll do.

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