Jul 3, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest... Or in this case the Eternian Royal Dumpster.

Faker is here!! Yes boys and Girls the Bizarro Evil Robotic Doppelgänger of He-Man is HERE!!!

Yup! He's a Blue He-Man Robot with a Skeletor Armor in Orange. Rescued from the Eternian Dumpster Triklops tricked out this Robot into an Evil Robotic He-Man for Skeletor. Why is he so coveted? Well here's a little Faker Backstory.
Faker is one of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys from the second Wave (1983) and was re-released on 1987 (This version is extremely rare to find.) I never had one as a kid.
He was made on the 2002 Reimagining of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but the Toy was a Toyfare Exclusive...
Not only that but Faker was the fourth figure released in the 2009 Masters of the Universe Classics toyline, available as an exclusive at the New York Comic Con. Later released on Mattycollector because MerMan suffered a delay.

The Little Blue He-Man that was a pain in the neck to get until now.

As you can see he's a Blue He-Man with Skeletor Armor and an Orange copy of the Power Sword (and a half sword which will belong to Keldor soon)

Now for the review part itself:
Sacle 1 to 5. One being sucky toy that made me waste money on it and 5 being most awesomest toy in the history of toys?
Articulation: These guys have a lot of articulation compared to previous MOTU lines.
(MOTUC Faker has 28 PoA vs the 12 poa of 200X Faker vs the 6 PoA of the Original '80s Faker) It's not as much as the Marvel Legends, but it's way more articulation than what Mattel normally uses. 4.0 (I miss the Extra Articulation points from Marvel Legends like the wrist swivel, among others.)

Paint/Sculpt: The 4 Horsemen outdid themselves here. They've made a modern toy looking like the vintage 80s Faker. The paint is minimal (since Mattel is very stingy on paint apps.) but it works. The Tampograph of the robotic parts is better than the sticker of ancient times...
4.0 Faker is one of the blandest character designs from the line It's a Blue He-Man with Skeletor armor. Also this line is meant to feel like the vintage line (parts reuse to the maximum power) so Hyper detailed sculpts are out of the question.

Accessories: Here we have his armor (which is removeable) AND sword. Also we get another nod to the vintage toy with the half sword. If you join He-Man's Sword with Faker's Sword you get a second power Sword... a Third. (Kinda like some Frozen Yogurt machines. You get Vanilla, Chocolate and Half Vanilla-Half Chocolate.) 2.0

Overall 3.33
Yes this review is mostly HE-Man's but with a few Tweaks... kinda like Faker. My only gripe with Faker is that once Again Mattel stuck TOO close to the vintage Recipe. On some characters they add weapons or Alternate heads... Here a Terminator-esque Battle Damaged head or an Orange Axe and Shield would have been great.

Someone is getting the Weapons Pack Blue Axe and Shield...

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