Jul 24, 2016

Super7 is keeping the Horsemen.

Thundercats is loaded with this
We are lucky in that front. I know that some of the guys who work for SOTA or NECA could rival the Horsemen in skill, but for the sake of continuity, it's cool when the sculpts come from the same team.

Sadly, Thundercats is dead... or in a coma
well, until Super7, Mattel and Warner Brothers figure out all of the red tape with Thundercats.

At least Classics is happening somehow... and the Filmation sub-line.

Now here's the thing:

I EXPECT to see Super7 tackle on the main two and a few core characters. New Company, expecting the release of a few A-List guys is kinda obvious. Why do you think we keep getting Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Akuma every time a Street Fighter Line is made. I expect a few waves 1-2 to show up. Hopefully these will not be the same vanilla versions we got in Mattel's Classics. Maybe looking at 200X or the DC Comic as a way to refresh the core characters is a good idea... YES, I'm aware that I mentioned the "nu52 MOTU". I just don't want exact reissues of the Mattel MOTUC figures...

What I WANT might be a bit different:

-Completion of the New Adventures roster. There's 11 Toy Characters MIA from Mattel's MOTUC. For MOTUC to be "an Anthology line" we NEED those 11 Characters, and Sebrian.

-For the line to Not be overrun by variants. Too many variants kills lines. I expect a few of them, but not to be overloaded with variants.

-Representatives from the parts of MOTU lore that are currently not represented. Star Comics (if the rights are available), MVC Comics, The Power Tour, etc. (If you need specific examples: Lt. Andra, Illumina, Songster)

-Reasonable prices on these figures. Otherwise they won't sell well.

-Find a way for Snake Mountain to happen.

Last but not least:

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