Jul 4, 2016

The second half of the 2016 MOTUC Sub has begun!

The subscription renewal notice has arrived to my inbox, meaning Freaking Despara and Crita are on their way! This is the half of the sub of the possible final year of MOTUC... We still have heard jack squat from Mattel. They May have 3 booths (one for the SDCC exclusives on sale) and 2 to display product. This time there won't be a panel with reveals and stuff. So, we may or may not be at the end of the MOTUC Game.

If this is the end, it's a shame that New Adventures wasn't completed. If it's not, we have about 12 NA spots left... How will Mattel fill them up? I've already mentioned that a few of them can be made out of mostly reused parts.

Now, here's the thing: This is the half of the year that I am most excited about: Crita, Despara, General Sunder and Horde Wraith! We still haven't heard about Roton with the Skelcon (guessing 4th Quarter) and Snake Mountain... Yes, I forgot Tuskador and Nightstalker... though that last one should have come with Darius!

I wish we could pull off 2 more years just to reach the 10 year Milestone for MOTUC... although some might suggest 3 years seeing that a single SDCC Item and 2 December figures is not enough to call 2008 the "Starting year." And with the 7 figures a year + 2 Large SKUs format of the new MOTUC subs, they COULD pull off the 12 NA characters in 3 years without "overpowering the sub" Sure there will be the need of at least 2 of the large SKUs to be a two-pack in that three year period, but it's doable.

The ball is on Mattel's court now... If they end up MOTUC, then they might lose a sizable bunch of customers. If they end Thundercats without at least completing the main roster (Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, the Thunderkittens, and Snarf for the Thundercats. Mumm-Ra: The Ever Living, Ssslythe, Monkian, Jackalman and Vultureman for the Mutants and Mumm-Ra) then they are a bag of dicks! No exaggeration for comedic effect here. If Mattel axes the Thundercats line without completing at least the main roster, I truly mean they're a bag of dicks.

What I'm saying is that one of those 2 Booths that Mattel will have at San Diego Comic Con better have Some MOTUC, Thundercats, and while I personally dislike it, the Filmation sub-line. Pulling the cancellation dick move before completing the core Thundercats will do more damage than a really small blog complaining about Mattel's dickery...

Happy Fresh Prince saved the Earth day! He may be a massive tool, but it's the 4th of July...

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