Jul 21, 2016

The Matty Vault is open!!

And it truly sucks ass!
Check it out here:
Darius, Masque, Vultak,  pantsless hsss, bs hordak, SA He-Man vs 200X Hsss, hover robots, Laser 2 pack, callix, evil seed, chooblah, prahvus, ceratus, veena, FFHm vs TC skeletor, saurod, dragstor, rio blast, dare, two-bad, flutterina, eldor, battlelion, mermista, arrow, gwildor, double trouble, entrapta, sweet bee, flutterina, NA She-Ra.
Everything at FULL PRICE!! No wonder they can't move these... Then there's everything else on the normal shop...
A small part of me is saying: Get Bow, Sea Hawk and Masque and you'll have MOST of the Fodder parts for a Songster. A large part of me is saying: At full price!? What, are you NUTS!?
They should have saved this for Cyber week.


  1. and of course, anti-heman is on anti-eternia. *rolls eyes*

    1. I don't get Mattel's Logic. If they still have AE He-Man figures, NOW it's the time to unleash them... Unless he sold out for realsies.