Feb 26, 2017

Game over, man!!

Yunaaaaaaaaaaaa! Who told you you could dance?

Really, Spike? You couldn't use a clip of Bill Paxton doing the Game Over Man?
Well, that little Sora-voiced asshole brother of Emily Osment can see Bill Paxton now...
His death was due to complications from surgery. My condolences to his loved ones. No need to reference his long film career... I mean he got his ass handed to him by Aliens, the Terminator, and a Predator... He survived Twister.

Usually, 97-year-olds dying is no surprise... The surprise factor comes depending on the person...
In this case, well...

Well, Judge Wapner has passed away. Again, my condolences to the family members left behind.

No freaking way... ANOTHER ONE!?

Dammit Yuna. STOP DANCING!!
Neil Fingleton who played Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg on the TV Adaptation of Georgie Super Slow-ass Writing RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire has passed away.
Winter has come for Mr. Fingleton's heart. My condolences to his family. And, no, I'm not mentioning this as a way to sneak a jab at George I'm unable to write anywhere but home but I'm most of the time everywhere BUT Home RR Martin.

And to move away from Dead People... Cause, you know it's a bit too dark and morbid having ALL the news bits be about Dead People.
There's a petition going on to show support for Princess of Power stuff from Super 7. Remember the Faux Vintage Filmation MOTU figures, the He-Ro and Eldor, and the already released 3 terrors set?
Well this petition is to show Super 7 that there is support for Vintage POP styled figures. Maybe doing some of the lost concepts/protos, or POP Vintagizing the Filmation looks for some characters.
You know what would be cool to see? a "Vintage POP" Adam and He-Man.

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