Feb 27, 2017

Where the Hell is Figuarts Ryoga!? and other stuff.

I did mention the Ranma 1/2 Figuarts a while back. I've let slip by that Ryoga is my favorite character from Ranma 1/2 (we both get lost ALL the time and my dignity is low enough that if I had Ryoga's curse, I'd totally would do the P-Chan thing too!) Now if I had the Curse of the Drowned Panda, you KNOW what I'd do:
A: Wear pants and practice Kung Fu... SKADOOSH!
B: Act Lazy and carry around signs explaining that Pandas can't talk...
C: Just you know why...

Seriously, where the Hell is Ryoga? Both Ranmas, and Shampoo are already out. Akane is coming tomorrow and begins to ship on March... She comes with P-Chan... Ryoga? Who the Hell knows? I know he's the Eternal Lost Boy, but I hope the line wasn't cancelled. I need Ryoga... If they make BOTH Genmas, then I'd be tempted to get them, then the Ranmas, Akane and Shampoo. (I'd like to see Kuno Tatewaki, Kodachi, Happosai, Ukyo, MAYBE Mousse and Cologne.)

The search for the Next Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman is over. Congratulations to Mr. Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung. I'll need to find a way to watch the show and the new Mythbusters... One of the drawbacks of downgrading my cable service from basic to non-existent. Thing is that Adam is one tough act to follow...

Saw Sausage Party... I think I only laughed 3 times while watching it... OK more like chuckled.
The first one was

Yes, I know it's cruel but I couldn't believe that that joke was made... (especially coming from juice.)
Second was:

Third was the James Franco Scene.
Don't bother with it, really... It was trying too hard to be edgy and raunchy.

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