Aug 20, 2010

It Came from the Toy Chest Matty's SDCC bounty pt. 1

SDCC (and the few days after had a lot of surprises from Mattel. Roboto will have his action Feature (Partial yay!), Grizzlor is furry (damn!), Buzz-Off looks like the 80s toy (dammit!) Bow is FREAKING AWESOME!! (And very Filmation looking) Vikor, the Barbarian He-Man from the North looks like a Destroyer (He's PRetty much Conan, the Cimmerian) Kigh Hiss is DAMN Sweet! (excetp the snake form) Mattel is eliminating 200X inspired heads from MOTUC, The Cosmic Key from the Subscription Exclusive He-Man looks a lot like the Cosmic Key from the Live Action '87 movie. But now unto the SDCC MOTUC exclusive...

Wait... This isn't MOTU! This is Robot Chicken!

As you can see the 2 Pack looks great kept in the box. Unlike other mutipacks, this one has dynamic diorama style posing, yet the characters are in relatively vanilla poses (so no limbs are warped in package.) If you're into keeping stuff MOC or MOB then this set is perfect for you. Skelly is lying back on the MASSAGE CHAIR from the sketch. They even have the Magazine from the sketch lying down on the floor. (With a masturbation joke about the Sorceress... Sores our wrists... LOL)
On the back we've got the bios. Mo-Larr's talks about how he has an allegiance with Dental Hygiene and Skeletor's talks about his enjoyment of massage chairs and magazines that sore his wrist.

You can see Beastman and Grizzlor in poses referencing the sketch. (a nice touch by Mattel. See! I can say good stuff about them.)
After releasing them I noticed something: See the pic above. The black on Mo-Larr's tools chips off and leaves black flakes on his gloves. Not cool Mattel... Also his feet are so floppy that I had to put rubber bands on the rubber bands that I used to tighten his ankle articulation.
Toothless Skeletor reminds me of Chris Benoit.

Many people complained about Mo-Larr being included.
"He's not MOTU!"
"Where's Ram Man?"
"Waste of tooling budget!"
Supposedly Seth Green and the rest of the Robot Chicken guys paid for the Tooling on Mo-Larr. Rumor has it that Mo-Larr will return on Robot Chicken (Hopefully the MOTUC versions of the characters will be used.) and Mattel had another exclusive... Orko.
Mo-Larr did not sell out instantly (He did manage to sell out after a few days) due to that and another factor... Skeletor.
Many people had doubts about having to rebuy a Skeletor (To some would be the Third Skeletor released in one year)

Mo-Larr kinda reminds me of Bruce Campbell with Eternian roids and dressed up like a MOTUC character dressed up as a dentist.

Now for the review part. As always 1= crap and 5= the awesomest fig ever!

Same as the average MOTUC. (He-Man body with Hordak gloves.) I've gotten used to the MOTUC articulation, but Mo-Larr loses some points because of the loose ankles and the Coat restricting his ab crunch.

Sculpt-side the 4 Horsemen knocked it out of the park. Mo-Larr's expression gives him a mildly evil, yet nice guy look or vice-versa.
paint-side, well Mattel added some airbrushing on the coat to give it more shading.

Accessories: Mo-Larr's got plenty of them. A mirror, a drill, forceps, the water spraying nozzle and floss. Unfortunately he can't hold the floss box or the floss. the rest of the tools he can hold, but the black paint on the handles flakes off.


Overall: 3.67
The hard coat, loose ankles and flaky accessories hurt Mo-Larr's score.

But wait! There's more!
We need to review Skeletor.
Same as the average MOTUC. His ankles are tight but his knees are a bit weak.

Horsemen rock! Within the MOTUC limitations they pull off some fantastic stuff. Toothless Skeletor looks incredible. He even has a sad look on his bony face. Mattel is cheap with the paint applications except on his face.

Same as MOTUC Skeletor, Harness, Havok Staff, Sword and half sword.
He could've used a plastic massage chair, but he's got enough stuff already.

Overall: 4.16
Loose knees and weird face paintjob hurt him a bit.

Overall Value:
3.91 on the figures themselves. Its tougher to gauge the value for my dollar.
For a two pack is kind of overpriced since its the same cost as two figures on their own. (one of them has been on sale this year twice) Mo-Larr could've come on his own with the extra Skeletor head. The beautiful diorama display wouldn't have existed, but the extra burden of another Skeletor wouldn't be there.

This set is a possible candidate for not getting a reissue (with Mo-Larr being a Robot Chicken creation and all that)

Next up is Orko... but that's another article for another day...

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