Aug 4, 2010

Odds and ends What the HELL!? Aug 04 10

More 3D crap coming up!

Night of the Living Bieber in 3D!
A biopic of Justin Bieber!? With Bieber playing as himself!? I can understand making a Jsutin Bieber concert in 3D, The Jonas Brothers did it, The Girl with the symbiotic wig did it... but a biopic!? He's not even a has-been, for crying outloud!

He's also playing a troubled teen on one of the CSI shows... I hope it's CSI: MIAMI...

Seriously though Justin Bieber is really troubled...

Doors kick his ass...

In other news, Apple holding may not have a 3D Epic Fail... I mean Breaking Dawn might not be in 3D
but it will hit theatres on November 2012... where does that leave part one?
2011 for Breaking Dawn part one wait what!? Looks like I'll be busy watching Harry Potter and the last book is split in 2 movies.

Round 1 FIGHT!
Two Mothers were engaged in a Brawl... a Kindergarten Brawl!

Usually its the adults the ones who start the brawls at children's events, but we all know that TV, Comic books and videogames are to blame...

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