Aug 29, 2010

Odds and ends: Aug. 29 - Sep. 2 2010 Aw Hell No! McFly!!

Marty McFly, Time Traveller, victim of almost unintentional incest, Bieber!?
Aw Hell No!
Are you kidding me! This is like Karate Kid but a million times WORSE!!!

Taking this and adding THIS!?


I mean Bieber makes Michael Cera bearable...
And Bieber's not playing Snake Plissken

Print is dead at least for the Dictionary. I understand the importance of online tools, but it is important to keep OFFLINE dictionaries alive. Call me old fashioned but I'm not online 24/7 and I like my books to be real, not virtual... I used to compete in dictionary searching competitions... Of course I love the book! Typing and clicking might be faster, but the old fashioned way is cooler.

On other news
The Indonesian smoking Toddler is no longer a smoker
That's cool. Hopefully this incident has been an eye opener and will bring stronger laws regarding Tobacco. If he was an adult I wouldn't have any problems with him smoking, but it's a kid!! It's AWESOME that he's no longer a smoker...

Great news to soccer fans. The evil instrument of diabolical noise has been banned in Europe
No more BzzzbzzzzBZzzzzzzbZZZZZbzzzzzzzzz! sounds that block out the famous shouts of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!

Do not fear, Toy fiends... Whiplash is coming out of the Toy chest soon...

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