Dec 1, 2009

Do we really need Salvation?

Terminator Salvation, that is...
The fourth Movie in the Terminator Series. It's like a sequel/reboot of the franchise. (kinda like Star Trek) And the star of this Reboot is none other than Christian Bale!!

That IS Christian Bale in a dog suit... Or his voice over for the new character in the Cats and Dogs sequel...
There is no Cats and Dogs sequel... But Christian Bale's Acting in action movies is pretty much acting like an angry dog. That didn't help me to believe him as John Connor. (and that here we got Christian Bale in another reboot...)

Now that I've got my "Christian Bale is being overused and his Mad dog Barking should stop" rant out of the system let's get on to the movie.

I shall start with a little bit of simple math:
Terminator - James Cameron = EPIC FAIL!
You want Proof?
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Not only does that movie take a dump on the themes of the Previous Terminator films. (There is no fate unless we make it.) Now on the 3rd movie they say that the future is set in stone and there is nothing you can do to change it. You can delay it but it is inevitable. Pretty much saying that You've wasted your time watching Terminator and T2.

That pretty much explains the reaction to fans' complaints about T3:RotM

The only worthwhile scene of T:Salvation. Now you don't have to bother in watching this Terminator: in name only film.
Besides having Christian Bale as John Connor and lacking James Cameron at the Director's chair , I feel that Terminator Salvation failed as a Terminator movie in many ways:
-It didn't feel like a Terminator movie. For a movie set "in the Terminator Future" it didn't look like the "Terminator future". The depressing bluish hues from the "Terminator future" were not there.
-The Humans relied too heavily on machines to fight the machines. (Having airplanes, laptops with internet access clashes with the whole "Skynet took control of the world's entire network as it became self-aware." The Humans were supposed to be in a borderline low-tech mode while battling the machines.
-McG is a Poor man's Michael Bay. See Charlie's Angels and it's Sequel... Besides T:S of course...
-going down to PG-13, the movie HAD to be dumbed down in order to get more butts in the theatre.
Now for the ratings part: 1 = an abomination that came from Uwe Boll and 5 = Masterpiece.
as a movie: 3 It was kinda entertaining If I disassociated it from Terminator.
as a Terminator movie: 0.5 When the highest point in a Terminator movie is a CGI Arnold cameo, you've got some serious problems.

Please don't... unless James Cameron is in the Director's chair... Just stick to Governating...

Yeah! Stick to that... and I shall pray to Crom for the termination of the Terminator movies!

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