Jan 21, 2013

Making a case for Blade, Saurod and Gwildor

Who ARE THEY? Well, they are the only three figures from the only unrepresented faction in all of MOTU's History. Characters from the Live Action Movie. Why am I mentioning those 3? Simple. Those are the only three that Mattel can make, because they made a toy of them in the 80s.

Let's start with Gwildor, the most important one, Canonically speaking... cause of two words:

Cosmic Key... or the sole reason to get a Preternia Disguise He-Man... the Neitlichverse uses Gwildor's key as a way to go to the past in the Mini-Comics. It's also the base for a Certain Mary Sue's Wrist-sized SEX device...

Not having Gwildor in MOTUC is like making a Back to the Future Toyline without 1985 Doc Brown...

The reason why he hasn't been made yet... I've no inside knowledge, but I can see it with my own two eyes... Tooling... Gwildor would require far too much of it to make him. If there was some way to reuse some of his NEW PARTS (Most of them) on some other characters, he could get made...
There's guys like the 200X Version of Count Marzo (Depowered), Gepple from the infamous Scientists from New Adventures of He-Man! With some creative New Armor parts and maybe legs we COULD GET a Madame Razz... Which is important if you're a Princess of Power fan. Let's recap on why Gwildor is important:
-He's important canonically since he's used on the Classics Storyline
-He has parts that can be reused on other figures!
-He's one of the three movie figures that Mattel can make.

Accessories to make a Pimp Gwildor are not a must, but they'd be greatly appreciated. Bucket of ribs, yes please!

I want them, but don't NEED them. (canonically speaking)
The next two characters are evil warriors that were meant to replace some of the Evil Warriors (Whiplash/Kobra Khan and Tri-Klops) the same way Gwildor was a replacement for Orko. Out of those two I'm more interested in Blade than Saurod... not just cause Saurod gets killed in the movie and I like swordsmen better than reptilian warrior. Blade is easier to make for Mattel than it is to make Saurod.

I mean Blade is pretty much DONE...
Head would have to be new... (Here's hoping for a movie accurate head)
Normal Human Torso
The armor would be new. (either one piece or a 2 piece Armor + Shirt like Demo-Man. Personally I hope for 1 piece Armor+Shirt combo)
Normal Arms.
While I'd LOVE New Forearms I can see them reusing parts here.(Repaint of Bow's forearms in a Worst Case Scenario)
Snout Spout hands.
New Loincloth (worst Case Scenario, reuse Vikor's)
Standard legs
New belts for the thighs
Normal Lower Leg with Snout Spout's boots and feet
2 new Swords

Saurod WOULD require a bit more new parts... But I'll try to see how far we can get to get him with the currently available parts.
Head: New
Torso: Clawful/Buzz-Off/Whiplash Torso
Armor: New
Shoulders: King Hssss
Biceps: Snake Face Arms
Forearms: New (Worst Case Scenario Trap Jaw's)
Hands: Hordak
Loincloth: New (and new crotchpiece to attach tail... If Mattel plays it smart they could reuse that for MODULOK)
Tail: New
Thighs: New (they could reuse those on Butthead or something) Worst Case Scenario Trap Jaw's... though I'd rather not.
Lower Legs: New, Worst Case Scenario, He-Ro's
Feet: Mosquitor
Laser pistol: New

I stand corrected. Saurod COULD be made... sure he needs a couple of things, but using the Worst Case Scenario parts Blade and Saurod are evenly matched!

I know that the movie wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but Mattel kinda owes Anthony Delongis and Pons Maar their characters in Classics... as a thank you for helping promote MOTU Classics back on the 2012 sub scare... (I know that their plea to the fans was made through another fan, but still, those guys went out and gave Mattel some free publicity) Also it helps the Evil Warriors to grow with 2 more members... Easier to make, Logistically speaking than Gwildor!

These guys are some of the underrated figures from the Vintage MOTU... (Energy Zoids, Rock Wariors and Meteorbs are the other neglected groups.) While there are more important figures from New Adventures (Hydron, Flogg, Cyborg Skeletor) and Princess of Power (Glimmer, Angella, Kowl, Madame Razz), these guys are needed... (Saurod and Blade show up in the 3rd Neitlichverse Minicomic) they have more chances than the Meteorbs or the Energy Zoids...


  1. i made saurod into a snake man when i was younger. as much as i would like a karg, they really need to make these two instead of lame-os like fang man.

  2. I'd like a Karg as well, but Mattel not having Movie Rights and all that stuff is stopping them.