Jan 30, 2013

Why Man of Steel MUST not suck.

I'm not a huge Superman fan. Yes I do enjoy some of his adventures and supporting characters, but I'm more of a Batman fan. Superman's too super for my tastes.

I'm afraid for the Man of Steel movie. Yes, I'm afraid it may flop like Superstalker Returns did...

Yeah... that one...

His movie musn't suck cause Truth, Justice and the American way! (or something)
Why Superman's movie musn't suck:

1- Superman is THE Superhero... He is not MY FAVORITE, but I can't take that from him. If THE Superhero can't have A Decent movie (aside Superman and Superman II with Christopher Reeve) then he is not relevant enough... I truly fear a world without Superman.

2-The weight of the entire Justice League movie IS on his shoulders. I did mention this earlier in the week. Like I said, so far out of the Justice League members that had movies so far, only Batman hasn't flopped. Unlike Marvel's Avengers whose movies were pretty awesome (aside Hulk, cause there seems to be a sick and twisted joke with changing Banner in every movie)

3- DC NEEDS to market other characters that are NOT Batman... sure, relying on Superman is still kinda playing it safe, but Returns flopped, Green Lantern flopped, Wonder Woman can't even get a TV show made... Aside Batman, the only DC Character who has had some good luck is Green Arrow... but that's mostly cause he's the "Cheap knock-off" Batman when DC can't use Batman. So, in order for DC to top Marvel in the Movie Department, they NEED good movies with their characters.

Aside the reasons mentioned above, I really hope that the movie doesn't suck, even if I don't feel the grittier Superman thing...

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