Jan 31, 2013

Roseanne Barr.., KRANG?

Hopefully the being known as Kraang Prime will be similar to the being called Krang on the series known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the time known as the 80s... Is going to be played by Roseanne Barr... This is cool, but I can't wait to see this season finale.

Also, check out what Playmates toys is churning... TMNT Classics Rocksteady and Bebop!
Holy Crap!
I SO WANT THESE!! Even if I don't have the Classic TMNT... these would work fine vs the NECA Turtles that I own...

On the new series Turtle toys side there's a 7pack of Mousers coming... 7 mousers in one set... can you say army builder? Throw in the old Vintage Mouser (or Mama Mouser in this case)

and you have Mouser Heaven... since the new Toitles are in scale with the old ones, you can finally have actual Mousers that are IN-Scale to the vintage toys... it's a win win, uh win scenario! Look out Mattel, cause Playmates is making me want to throw money at them...

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