Jan 9, 2019

In Kansas they take Mario Kart to a whole new Level

And in all fairness, this is beyond awesome! You know those big stadium screens that often reveal affairs, employees skipping work, and other things that shouldn't be done... well One was used to play a Mario Kart tournament... The stadium was not in use,  because of the Off-season period for the MLB.

I guess this was an unorthodox method to test the screen, but it IS a cool one. I mean it's not like they were watching hentai on it. Know of a guy who used his school library AV equipment to do so. I'm not going to give any names but I'm 100% sure that you have read his blog... well you are doing it right now. But think about it... if given a chance to play a videogame in that gigantic screen, wouldn't you?

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