Jan 5, 2019

Random Marvel Legends thoughts

As you may be aware, Hasbro has been killing it with Marvel Legends. But thwre is a part of me that is screaming: " You can do better! Just give me a 90s Storm! And an actual classic suit Magneto!"
It also screams for a Generation X Emma Frost, because the full lingerie Emma ain't happening, bub!

Johnny Storm... Look at how easy it is to make one.
I got the head from Starwarsgeek Customs and a spare Reed body from ebay. Hand and flames werw borrowed from Flamed On Human Torch.
What I'm getting at is how easy it is to make a Flamed Off Johnny Storm.
He's literally a new head. Hasbro can reuse the buck used for Torch with standard lower legs without flames sculpted. Add 2 flaming hands and the Torch head painted as if Johnny was flaming on and a few clip-on flames as extra accessories... boom!

Same thing can be said about Bagman. Literally Spidey buck repainted in F4 pattern with Submariner feet and a new head.

I could mention the lack of a True Hulk. Last Hulks have been movie figures. None has been a true blue, or in this case Green Comic Book Classic Hulk. Heck! We haven't received a Cho Hulk.
Speaking of subpar imitators, where IS IRONFART? She only got a statue but no figure...
Wait, did I just ask for a Riri? Might as well ask for the Mud Thing now...

It seems like the "Vintage ToyBiz" carded figures are how Hasbro is giving us the Iconic looks for some characters.
Here's hoping for an Iconic Classic Thor... also a Model 13 armor Ironman. Spider Armor... the original one!

I kinda feel like I'm retreading, but we kinda need Core teams completed preferably in their Iconic looks.
We have Ock, Mysterio, Sandman... Kinda Electro, Kraven... we are missing a Classic Looking or close to Classic Looking Vulture... to complete the 6. Or replace all the ToyBiz versions... I'm pretty sure some of you cannot wait to replace the Galactus wave Charles with a Hoverchair Charles and a new Gambit, Storm, and Beast to have a 90s X-Men display.

Heck! Maybe revisiting characters in kooky costumes could be a nice idea... *cough*Frightful Four Samdman*cough*

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