Jan 10, 2019

MOTUC Wave 3 Speculation rant

Next month will be New York Toy Fair where the third wave of Masters of the Universe Classics Collector's Choice will be revealed. There's a lot of mystery regarding just wave since it has been delayed for a long time and we don't know if it's going to be a 4 figure wave like previous waves or if it'll have this six figure wave "we need to rush everything before the end" theme.

There have been rumors that this wave will be based around the 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie and if true then we could say that He-Man Teela Man at Arms Skeletor beastman and evil Lyn will be the figures.

There's a part of me that would be delighted to get those variants and close the line with that even if we miss out on completing new adventures of He-Man. But I would rather have a more varied Wave 3 and then way for being the one that's closest to line cuz there's too many characters missing. I want my Kayo my songster my scrollos My Etherian Rebel Josh to kind of round up the line maybe Crimson Fury you know those types of obscure 80s and maybe early 90's characters because Super7 doesn't do anything from 200x and Beyond.

We can discard Filmation because Super7 didn't get the memo on how to MOTUC.

So this will be an exercise on what I'd like to see versus what I'd  expect from S7.

Assuming this will be a six-figure wave and it's not based on the 1987 movie this is what I'd like to see:

Garn (Mini comics) just to "finish the wave" so to speak since we got Lodar.

Kayo (New adventures)  a house of rants favorite and core NA hero.

Slamurai (concept) rounds up the "strobo wave".

Hoove (New Adventures)  he completes Karatti.

Songster (Power Tour) I want a spoony bard, OK?

Lady Slither: (Neitlichverse) token female, evil and a monster... super7 may fall for that.

These are the ones I want without using Filmation, 200X or anything modern aside MOTUC canon that have potential to sell...

What I'd  expect from S7:

Masks of power monsters... (2 slots)

Staghorn  (New Adventures)

Songster  (power tour) and someone at s7 likes Songster.

Filmationized Hunga the Harpy, because the universe hates me.

Some obscure concept character... want to say A Manotaur because it's amongst the most hipster choices available.

While the pool of characters is getting smaller, especially with S7 changing the rules. It becomes harder to speculate, because of their awkward choices.

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