Jan 5, 2019

Into the Spider-Verse: The Spider-Rant

To say that this rant comes from the one and only A. Nefty, master of rants would be an understatement. Because no one can rant like me. I have the best words and use them bigly...
Why am I quoting failed Presidential Candidate Donald K. Trump? So, into the Spiderverse:
It's a really interesting movie that shows us the potential for a Miles Morales movie... *Gha!* Kid, you got to take over for me... while I rest for a bit... *dead*
OK, let's start from the beginning:
My name is Carlos Cruz and I can now rant like the late Nefty.  He was about to rant about Into the Spiderverse when the Purple Neitlich killed him. Jesus Christ! Is that a balder, flabbier Nefty?

-I can hear you, you know? And unlike Spiderverse there's no chance for me to be with Bia... I burned that bridge so hard by being an idiot and I have no chance in hell...

Now it's time for the one TRUE 616 Nefty to rant...
Please let Nefty Noir be voiced by Christopher Walken...
So, into the Spiderverse can be described in two words:
Abanico, Servicio... that's fan service for those impaired in EspaƱol.
The movie is a love letter to Spider-Man, despite having Peter be such a loser.
Miles is likable and relatable... unlike Riri... Yes it's a jab towards Ironfart, who hasn't had a chance to become an OK character because Bendis keeps making her a Mary Sue... Unlike Miles who's had struggles and limitations as a character DESPITE having a superior powerset than Peter.
This has to do with the movie. Throughout most of it, Miles is having struggles with his new abilities, who he is, and the Responsibility entrusted to him by the dying Chris Pine Peter Parker.

Miles has his ups, his downs,  but in the end he finally finds what he needs in order to become a Spider-Man. This ride is a VERY ENJOYABLE ONE and it's peppered with nods towards fans of Spidey... Hell, I want an Olivia Octavius figure Now.

I would dare say that this is the best Spider-Man movie by SONY.
Also stay after the credits... you have 2099 reasons to do so.

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