Jun 18, 2015

odds and ends 6/18/15 More 'mue and FFremake VII stuff... plus other stuff.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will have changes. I've ranted about how some POSSIBLE CHANGES scare me... Well, One of them will not happen. In an interview with Eurogamer, Tetsuya Nomura has stated that we should LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING CLOUD IN DRAG!!

Loving the fact that we'll see one of the most messed up moments in Final Fantasy VII due to the absurdity of it. This is the part where Cloud and Aerith go through town getting stuff to help Cloud dress up like a woman hot enough to bring the attention of the town's mobster Don Corneo in order to rescue Cloud's friend, Tifa (who is looking to get some info from the Don.)

Now if we could get a Lightning Outfit for Cloud... That would be hilarious... It would be perfect since it matches the whole Lightning as Cloud from FFXIII-3

(Need to finish XIII, but I don't wanna)

Seriously, I try to play XIII and my soul forces power outages, drains the controller's battery, makes my bosses call me for extra hours, or anything to stop me from playing the game.

Hopefully this will also translate into more FFVII Figures (Need a VII Barret, Cid and Cait Sith) Also a Tifa with Squishy boobs!! What? Quiet has them, why not the Final Fantasy character known for her Martial Arts Boobs!

With 29 days to go the Shenmue Kickstarter total so far is (by the time of writing this rant):
Now, the stretch goals seem to be running out... We're so getting the Rapport System and nearly 300K short of the Skill Tree Goal. If the Campaign reaches $5Million before the end of the Kickstarter period, we'll get a much more expanded Baisha Village.

In two days, Shenmue fans have done more than the impossible. They have MADE Shenmue 3 something Real and not a Fantasy that deluded Dreamcast owners dreamt as the console died (myself included). I HOPE we reach the $5Million in order to get the Shenmueiest experience of the game.

E3 2015 has been a rollercoaster so far... Of course we need to have some douchenozzles be Party Poopers and whine about it... I'm talking about Princess Plaid and her Dumbapple sidekick/writer/producer.

Funny how she used this other fool to campaign that "she is NOT Jack Thompson" a few months back.

But her rhetoric (and her Dumbapple partner/puppeteer/alpaca's?) is VERY Internet version of Jack Thompson-esque...

Just leaving this here... a snippet of an actual interview TO Jack Thompson... where Whacko Jacko! No, not that one! I'm talking about Jack Thompson... Where was I? Oh yeah, a snippet of an interview where Jack Thompson seems to make more sense than Princess Plaid? That is sad...

It's THESE kinds of tweets that piss people off and tell her to piss off. (which she claims they're harassment in order to get money.) Now, these kinds of tweets show how much pro-censorship they really are. Before I hear: "They're not campaigning for censorship, just criticizing the violence" BS-Excuse, shut up! Their Anti-Violence stance and ridiculous criticism of AAA titles is one of their tools to appeal to game developers. (I'd say more like guilt-tripping them into games that the SocJu$ folks would like better.)

Now, don't get me wrong. There is enough audience for ALL kinds of games... (including the SocJu$friendly non-fun games...) but to bitch and moan about the Violence in Freaking DOOM! That is beyond ridiculous! I mean, it's FREAKING DOOM! How can a story about a Space Marine sent to Literally Hell and fight off demons be made WITHOUT VIOLENCE!?

This level of extreme violence shouldn't be considered normal. It's not an excuse to say it's expected because DOOM. That's the problem.
This tweet IS problematic. She's trying to paint games like Doom (which are not catered to children) as a problem because of their violent content. When paired up with her sidekick's tweets, we can see the whole picture.

This shit is sick. There is something deeply deeply seriously wrong with anyone cheering for this Doom 4 trailer.

But they are not Jack Thompson... No, they are much worse. Unlike Jack Thompson who got his fair share of criticism as well as hate mail (some of it unjustified), these two are put on a pedestal, where they can't be criticized because they have spun the narrative where ANY Criticism = Harassment.
Am I the only one who sees how they're painting gamers as disturbed individuals? Remember that these two are the ones painting gamers in a bad light in order to get money because of harassment. (they got over $400K with that scheme in the last quarter of 2014)

Well, it's good to know that she keeps messing up when talking crap about games...

Let's see: Lara trudging through snow while wearing a jacket is happening FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in XBOne's Rise of the Tomb Raider...

This has never happened before... Not even on the PS1 Era games like say Tomb Raider 2:

Suddenly the not a gamer theory begins to make sense.

See the problem here? We have two people who are not fans of videogames, who would rather take the fun out of gaming to put propaganda that fits with their agenda. People who have gotten nearly half a million dollars for talking crap on Youtube and Twitter and instead of putting their efforts to prove if their kind of game would sell by MAKING A VIDEOGAME, they just bitch and moan about Doom being violent...  We didn't want an ambulance chaser dictating what we can enjoy in our free time. Why are we letting a glorified YoutubePooper and a teleseminarist... (currently more of a webinar "artist") try to dictate what games we should enjoy?

Honestly I can't wait to taste SJW tears when the Cloud in Drag from the FFVII remake happens in FULL HD!

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