Jun 17, 2015

Things I fear about the FFVII Remake:

I'm so excited about the FFVII Remake, but like Jessie Spano I'm so scared of the Remake...
So here's a list of things that terrify me:

-New Battle System (like the horrid FFXIII system that took control away from me.) It needs to have at least the option of the Original Game's battle system.
-Death of the World Map...

Are you ready to say goodbye to these two themes? If the World Map is gone, these themes ARE Gone too!
-Aerith... No thith ith not about how her name ith thpelled. More about her death, possibility of it being more bloody... But there ith thomething I fear more...

But the one thing I fear the most is:
The death of Silly and UN-PC elements of the games because of pandering to SJWs like Princess Plaid, OR because Nomura's Super Cereal take on Cloud.
The VII Cloud, the Real Cloud is a dweeb. The "Cool Cloud" is a JENOVA Construct based on Cloud's perception of a SOLDIER 1st Class and Zack. Cloud really shines when the dweeb shows through the cracks of Super Cereal Cloud.

Nomura's super cereal Cloud could mean the end of the Wall Market Cross-Dressing segment (Which in a way would be pandering to SJWs)
and kill the potential of seeing this whole quest in HD.

Also, wanna miss out on Cloud Riding on a Dolphin?

Last but not least: Tifa's Chest will suffer...

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