Jun 15, 2015

There is a chance of a True PS4 Return to Midgar?

Remember when Squenix teased us with a port of the PC game port of FFVII?
Well, the Rumor Mill has been going on strong once again talking about 2017, the 20th Anniversary of FFVII (damn, I suddenly feel old) will have a release that I've been waiting for since 1997...

Final Fantasy VII Remade on the PS4!!

I don't want to jump the gun, because we HAVE been fooled before... but still a PS4 Remake of FFVII sounds so sweet! Now I wonder what extras could Square add to it that DO NOT INVOLVE DLC!?

-Alternative outfits. I'm guessing AC looks for everyone... (I'd like as a joke to have the cast wear VIII clothes: Cloud as Squall, Tifa as Zell, Aerith as Rinoa, Yuffie as Selphie, Vincent as Irvine. Barret as Laguna, Cid as Ward, Cait Sith as Moomba and Sephiroth as Seifer... We got to see Lightning as Cloud or Aerith)
-Extra boss Battles: Sure the WEAPONs are nice and all that, but people want extra challenges... I propose having "Guardians" protecting the Materia Caves and Gilgamesh is guarding KOTR...
-Extra Summon Materia... Gilgamesh, once again comes to mind. Heck! I'd make the 4 Guardians of the Materia caves be summons that can be earned in battle.
-I want to see the full map like in 7 but with the extra places like the ruins of Banora (maybe an extra boss there.) or Modeoheim from Crisis Core. (Extra dialogue could be added to Cloud while he pretends to be Zack AND after he recovers when visiting this former town)

Holy shit! crap! It's actually happening...

I just couldn't finish my rant when SURPRISE!! Final Fantasy VII IS GETTING A REMAKE!!

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