Jun 8, 2015

Uwe Boll acts like a petulant child... again!

He failed yet another crowd sourcing campaign for another Uwe Boll Film. Which is not really news, since he tends to fail reaching his goals through crowdsourcing. His latest project was Rampage 3... Yeah, I'm surprised that a 2 exists...

It's funny how he calls Marvel's Avengers some BS Dirt, seeing as he is the guy who butchers Video Game movies, which in theory is as BS Dirt as Comic book movies. I'm detecting a huge case of sour grapes here.

More sour grapes with a hint of racism... He's pissed off at big name celebrities who didn't endorse his Darfur movie. Dude! The name UWE BOLL is associated with CRAP! Most people with common sense will avoid you like the plague. Not to mention that THAT is the job of their agents and legal team. (Actors are their own brand and they need to take the necessary precautions to protect their brand.) He bitches about the successful movie people, while claiming he has integrity... He has no integrity, he HAD weird loopholes in German Tax laws that allowed him to make flop after flop.

Grow up, Uwe Boll!

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