Jun 3, 2015

The Fighting Robot... MEGA MAN!! Is getting a new toon!

The Blue Bomber is coming back, thanks to the Team behind Ben 10 (Man of Action) in 2017...
This is good news... Mega Man's last cartoon was less than stellar (aside the kickass intro)

Yes, I know Megaman.EXE had a series, but I'm talking about the Traditional Blue Bomber... Not the Green Abomination from Captain N.

Now, I have faith In the Action Man team, but from that news article, one sentence stood out like a sore thumb:

Mega Man is a character that is even more relevant for today’s kids and we are really looking forward to creating something new that still respects the long tradition of the character.

How is Mega Man RELEVANT for Today's kids?
The last True Megaman (In the Traditional sense) game was released in 2010.
If we count the Street Fighter X Megaman, then 2012.
2004 was the last year a Megaman X game came out...
2009 was the last MegaMan.EXE game's release date and that was a remake of the first MM.EXE game.
The MegaMan ZERO series ended en 2010 with an Anthology of the past MMZ games.

ah, you mean the Archie Comics... OK! Seems that we can thank THEM instead of CRAPCOM for Keeping Mega Man alive... I mean look at how much love Crapcom has given the franchise that the last Mega Man game released was a FREE Fan-Made game... Also, where is Keiji Inafune now?

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