Jun 21, 2015

Odds and ends June 21st 2015

Oh Fathers Day!! What an odd day to give us this bit of news about the DARK FATHER being arrested due to a high speed chase... Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen Jake "Little Ani" Lloyd was arrested after a police chase... The saddest part is that as much as I want to make fun of this issue, I can't!

Seriously, It's hard to make fun of the ONLY PERSON whose Childhood was RUINED LITERALLY By George Lucas... I mean. WE the fans of Star Wars feel bad about the prequels, especially the Phantom Menace, but Jake Lloyd? Man! He has to live his WHOLE LIFE knowing that he was Little Annie Skywalker and that he helped RUIN Darth Vader to EVERYONE...

Too bad Mr. Lloyd's car driving skills aren't as good as his Pod Racing skills...

On a more positive note, Bam Margera was being an ass, or should I say Bam Margera in Iceland. He was at a music festival, when he was punched by a group of Icelanders. Allegedly the people beating up Bam are famous artists there and they were defending two female employees from Bam Margera. Supposedly, he was being Bam Margera towards the ladies.

I'm not happy for Bam getting beat up by people defending women... That is just icing on the cake. I just simply enjoy it when people beat up Bam Margera, even if there is no reason for it... I just can't stand the guy and since he enjoys being an ass, then the consequences are more delightful!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch videos of Bam Margera getting beat up while listening to appropriate music

OK, now that I restored faith on humanity, I'll end this on a sadder note. Super awesome artist, Earl Norem passed away last Friday. Norem, known for his awesome artistic style that is reminiscent of Frank Frazetta's, was/is in the minds and hearts of many Masters of the Universe fans.
From all the way back to the 1980s, Earl Norem's art has been a source of awe, inspiration and in some cases NIGHTMARES to many Masters of the Universe fans...
Heck! Norem's work in MOTU is so inspirational that the Snake Body missing from the King Hsss vs Snake Armor He-Man WILL NOT BE BASED on the 200X King Hsss, but instead it's closer to Earl Norem's amazing (and downright scary to 1980s me) King Hsss Art that you can see on the left.

He has worked with Marvel (IIRC he did some work on the Conan comics...) Silver Surfer, not to Mention Transformers, and obviously He-Man and She-Ra.
Yes, Earl Norem also made some work for the "frou frou pink Girly Toyline" for Mattel.

  Earl Norem could make a Pink Alicorn look badass!

Bringing it to MOTUC Classics. Remember the lame ass excuse by Neitlich about "The Classicizer Machine"?

 Earl Norem's Art is THE REAL CLASSICIZER MACHINE at work!

 The angular, blocky style of the 200X Toys were converted into a more traditional style in this piece by Norem.

  He will be sorely missed by Transformers fans, Marvel Fans, Masters of the Universe fans and his family...

Good Journey, Mr. Norem!

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