Jun 1, 2015

Odds and ends June 1, 2015

Mattel revealed the price point for Rotar and Twistoid... $55, which is not that bad after the overpriced Ectocooler KG, or the Hover Robots.
The sets include all their vintage stuff (no real chains for Rotar's ax... BOO!) and legs.

Wait Whut? Freddie From iCarly is getting married!? Congrats to Nathan Kress and London Elise Moore. Now the surprising bit is mostly due to having binge watched iCarly a few weeks ago. In my mind's eye he is still 13-14... It's kinda the same with the Olsen Twins.

In any case, congratulations Fredward!

He totally needs to be the best man... Gibbeh!!

Jaden Smith once again pulls a stunt to drive attention to himself. This time he was wearing a dress to attend a prom... not his since, he don't believe in no school, but forAmandla Stenberg's... I think he went to another girl's End of Year dance with a White Batman suit, because he's the son of Will Smith.

Daniel Cudmore is no longer Colossus. That job is now Andre Tricoteux's... or at least the Motion Capture part. It's rumored that someone else could take the part of VOICING Colossus. In any case, I'll be patiently waiting to see the finished product... I've very little to say here since I've ZERO idea who this guy is.

Normally I don't do previews for Future rants, but I was able to buy a "piece" online. It's a Toy that will come out of the Toy Chest... Just waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime here's a small preview.
Something will come out of the Toy Chest,,, Can you guess
what will be the Mysterious item that will come out? This
Pic is the only hint I'll give. No, the item in question is NOT
on the pic, but it's related to the pic...

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