Dec 13, 2015

Really, Microsoft? Really?

Videogame consoles like the XBOne are supposed to be consoles to play videogames...
There's an app for the XBox One that caters to non-gamers... How long until the F.Freaks claim it's sexist to have an app to try on virtual clothes from your own home? (The Overpaid Perpetually Whining Corporation is distancing itself from Lady Plaid, BTW)

Yes, an App to use the Kinnect to Try on Virtual Clothes. Then again it's written by a "gamer" as she calls herself in her bio who only has 8 somewhat game related articles out of 176... So, she seems like the target audience for this dumbass app. Seriously, spending $350 Plus Taxes for an XBOne to try on virtual clothes!? Not only that you cannot use the XBOne to buy the stuff, you need to use your phone to scan a QR Code in order to buy...

This is so sad... It's sadder than DoAXtreme 3 not making it to the west due to avoid whining from Lady Plaid.
What happens if you're fat? The app is only putting the dress picture over your body. It's not a 3D rendition of the dress... So, you'd be wasting $350 + Taxes to see a 2D cutout of a dress put on top of your body on the TV... If these non-gamers are so into clothing that they'd like to try this; don't you think they'd rather buy $350+Tax in clothes instead?

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