Dec 9, 2015

So, Neal McDonough is a Decent Bison... and some Stephen Amell goodness!

Now, before the angry mob storms my castle with pitchforks and torches, hear me out.

This was a piece of Crap Movie. Badly Directed, mostly bad casting decisions, Awful Script... I know I've made fun of McDonough's Bison being a Real Estate Mogul instead of the Leader of Shadaloo.

Well, I have to eat crow... Neal McDonough is an EXCELLENT Bison, as seen on his work as Damien Dahrk on Arrow. Seriously, This version of Dahrk is pretty much Bison... Some sort of Psychokinetic power, teleports, is the leader of a shadow organization who wants to do something evil and stuff... Of course he's no Raúl Juliá, but he could've been a great Bison... if the Script for the movie had been written...

Stephen Amell is playing Casey Jones in TAINT2... Well he let his Facebook followers know that on the 10th the Trailer will be released... In the meantime, enjoy this!

The TAINT2 Teaser...
I... I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! The Turtles still look like Shreks, but a bit slightly less Shreky and they seem smaller... We still have to deal with Mutant thumbs, but ROCKSTEADY AND BEBOP!! I only caught a glimpse of rocksteady and he looks AWESOME! (Let's see if someone catches what's wrong here)

Shoots Manhole Covers... Can you say BUY THE TOYS? I can say AWESOME!!
Can't wait for the Full Trailer! Also, there is very little Arrow on the Trailer.

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