Dec 31, 2010

2010 is over... Let's recap!

Well another year goes away by the stroke of midnight...

Well, let's look back at some of the stuff I love (or love to hate) in 2010:

Masters Of The Universe:
Overall, the year was great for MotU. Logistics stopped me from getting Roboto and Carnivus. (My Logistics, not Mattel's) While it sucks missing out on Roboto, the pair of flaws and Mattel's no 200X head Dogma (that I'm starting to believe that it's the bean-counters idea to ban 200X heads for Mattel to release later down the line a 200X version of the characters... double-dipping?) Everything else has gone great with the line... Just don't Mention Castle Grayskull and the insane tentative cost of $300... Ah Lt. Spector WILL BE the butt of many MOTUC jokes in 2011... No news on the Movie.
Eclipse came to theaters. Mattel released Alice and Victoria dolls... No they won't come from the Toy Chest until they're on clearance.
GI Joe:
Well The Joes got a new show. GI Joe Renegades... Basically GI Joe's take on The A-Team. I really hate the art style of the show. Looks like a bad imitation of the Jackie Chan Adventures mixed with a bit of The Spectacular Spider-Man.
They got the Awesome Transformers War for Cybertron game, The Animated Series Transformers Prime (an amalgam of Bayformers and TF WFC) and the announcement of Bayformers 3 The Dark Side of the moon. On the good side there is no Megan Fox here.
Justin Bieber:
Still alive... So much for him being the "Kurt Cobain of his Generation" Never Say Never is still coming to Theaters in 2011.
Hannah Montana:
Today, Disney will air the Last Episode of Hannah Montana: Forever... Will she live on in reruns for a few years or will she be forgotten... We'll find out in the Future...
Miley Cyrus: Now that she's Hannah free she's going to tackle more mature projects... She's still trying too hard to get rid of her Hannah past... I've said it countless of times this will bite her in the ass...
The show is coming in 2011 and Bandai America is making the toys... Crap.
Back to the Future:
There's a BTTF game coming and the guy voicing Marty sounds like a 1985 Michael J Fox... It's not Michael J. Fox... Christopher Lloyd is voicing Old Doc Brown... There's a rumor about a Young Doc Brown voiced by James Arnold Taylor (Harry Osborn in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Tidus in Final Fantasy X)
I'll leave you with the "Modern Kurt Cobain" struggling with glass doors... is he Half bird or something?

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