Dec 17, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest League of America

This It came from the Toy Chest is a very special one... but not like those very special episodes of Blossom...

Of all the images Youtube HAD to use for the preview... I hope Apache Chief wears underwear...

It's a DCUC extravaganza!

Remember to click on the pic to see a slightly larger version!

Here they are: Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, Starfire, Adam Strange, and Superman (pronounced: SYOUPERMAN! like the Announcer from the Superfriends!)

First up is Power Girl from the All Star Wave (Reissues of Popular characters... My Flash, GL Nightwing and Batman are from the All Star Wave...)
Power Girl is the Supergirl of Earth-2 (In the DC Universe there are multiple Universes... or were. I'm not too much of a DC fan so I'm not that up-to date with the DCU.) Long Story short Power Girl is the same thing as Supergirl but with bigger boobs and shorter hair.
She's got a nice sculpt... 4Horsemen made her and all that... Her insignia is rather distracting. She's got the same articulation as any male DCUC Character... More than the spiritual ancestor line DCSH (Where Super Girl is from)
Since this is a DCUC toy, accessories are non-existant (Unless you're Batman, or Cyborg... Vic Stone, not the Cyborg Superman)
All the scores will be at the end of the article...
Second on this review is Martian Manhunter. J'onn J'onzz is like a Martian, form Mars and he's basically a Poor man's Syouperman!
His sculpt is really good! 4Horsemen and all that. I believe he's got a few new parts... Still he's not saved from errors.
His right Bicep is a lot bigger than his left Bicep... I want to avoid many masturbation jokes about MM and this common error. He comes with two pieces for the Validus Connect and Collect. The head and the crotch. My Validus head has a loose brain cover clear thingie. Martian Manhunter is part of the KMart Exclusive Validus Wave.
Next one up is Syouperman! Before reviewing him I must admit that I'm not a fan of Superman. He's too Powerful and I can't see him as a man who struggles against great odds and succeeds... Then again I'm a huge fan of He-Man and She-Ra... Maybe its the whole Clark Kent is the disguise thing that makes him unrelateable to me. I may not like him, but He's THE MOST ICONIC COMIC BOOK CHARACTER. Period... Not Batman, Not Spider-Man, Not Ironman or Green Lantern. Superman IS THE Superhero. Also any self respecting DC collection MUST have a Superman.
His paintjob is really clean. No smudges or anything. Sculpt-wise He's pretty much the same as most of the males. (IIRC the Male body "Type 1" is based off Superman's body.) The Four Horsemen are awesome at their job and with a few tweaks here and there can make a bunch of figs that share the same sculpt look different enough. Supes comes with a stand... Then again DCUC figs are always lacking in the Accessory department

The last two items are Starfire and Adam Strange from the Exclusive... Now Sold Out (Possibly gone for good!) Now IF Mattel was kind enough to reissue the Wonder Twins WITH GLEEK! I'd buy it...

Hoo boy! Where do we Start... This pack is a mix of success and failure.
Adam Strange was NOT the reason I bought this pack, yet I like him a lot!
He has a gun! and an unremovable Jetpack! He probably uses the standard male body, but the attached armor with Jetpack, the gun holster and the intricate designs tampographed on him make him stand out. There's a small bit of blurrysplotch of paint on his leg where the tampograph wasn't perfect, but it's only noticeable upon close inspection.

Starfire on the other hand...
was not so lucky. Aside from being called Coriander... I mean Koriand'r, being a sex slave, the toy SUCKS! She came with a super warped Right Leg paint globs on her arms and right hand. The base body used for her does not suit her. It looks like she's wearing an orange and purple full body leotard. Her body is very soft and she keeps falling ALL The Time! She should be called Failfire! I wonder how many years it would take Mattel to fix her... (Maybe tossing a fixed Starfire with a repaint of Cyborg and the Bane Wave Robin while reissuing Beastboy, and Raven in a Teen Titans 5 pack...

Now for the Scores:
as always The range is 1-5 with one being maximum suckage and 5 being super-mega-awesome!

Power Girl:
Articulation: 4.5
Paint and sculpt: 4.0
Accessories: 2.5
Again, The lack of accessories hurt the DCUC PG is an amazing toy. Well sculpted, her boobs are not ridiculously big. has a decent range of motion... Better than Supergirl's!

Martian Manhunter:
Articulation: 4.5
Paint and sculpt: 3.5
Accessories: 3.5
Overall: 3.83
I shouldn't be too hard on J'onn, but The commonplace QC accidents with MM not having the correct biceps is not cool. He got a nice boost on the accessories area for including 2 connect and collect pieces...

Articulation: 4.5
Paint and sculpt: 4.0
Overall: 3.5
The lack of accessories hurt Superman a lot more than not being a fan of the character. I must admit that I'm liking the figure a lot... Shame that we couldn't get a sculpted S shield on him... (either by actually engraving it to the chest or gluing an extra sculpted piece) This is one of those instances that I despise Mattel's EXTREME PARTS REUSE POLICY.

Adam Strange:
Articulation: 4.5
Paint and Sculpt: 4.5
Accessories: 4.0
Overall: 4.33
I am Pleasantly surprised with Adam Strange. My knowledge of him was limited to the episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold where Aquaman was all sad and borderline emo.

Paint and sculpt:1.0
Accessories: 0.0
As I said, Failfire is disappointing. Gummy legs that can't support her light weight. The awful top of her torso, the abysmal paintjob. and total lack of accessories hurt her a lot.

2 pack overall: 2.0 Starfire REALLY dragged down Adam Strange.
Someone described her to me as the WORST DCUC EVER. I'm really starting to believe it.

The MOTUC figure that I bought for Cyber Monday was He-Man... To turn into a custom Wun-Dar. I may post pics on another MOTUC ICFTC which will probably be Buzz-Off!
In the mean time I'll leave you with a less crappy Starfire.

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