Dec 8, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: Extra furry Hordesman

Grizzlor is the Last Item from Mattel that I'll review until the Cyber Monday stuff arrives. No MOTU stuff I promise.
The Ferocious Figure with Fur! Try saying that 5 times fast.
Well he's here. He has fur "Just like I remember!" I'm not a fan of "realistic" hair and flocking on action figures due to bad experiences as a child with Grizzlor. One of them involved the Slime Pit... but I'm rambling. Yes Grizzlor is furry. His arms and legs are Beastman's (The lower leg is form Chief Carnivus) The boots are shared with Hordak's. The hands, and head are new. (There was something about interchangeable faces, but Mattel axed that.) The 200X Loincloth is NOT the 4Horsemen Logo. He's got a Horde Crossbow, a sword and a Machete. He also has the Horde Armband... "You're Nexus or against us!" thing going on here...

Now for the Review: As always 1= crap and 5 = awesome!

Articulation: Standard MOTUC Articulation. Ab crunch and waist articulation are hindered a bit because of his fur. Nothing to write home about.

Paint and sculpt: As I said, I'm not a fan of fur on toys, but somehow I'm enjoying it on Grizzlor! It might be part due to nostalgia, or who knows what, but it feels... right.
on the sculpt; he's pretty much Beastman. I've said that already. That works perfectly with him.
Incredibly enough Grizzlor's torso is nor the Beastman Torso. He's like a Reverse Zodac.
The new pieces look awesome, like the brand new hands. The head is an updated look of the vintage head. There was a 200X head sculpted, but Mattel didn't use it. (Logistics and all that.)
Incredibly enough I don't need the 200X head for Grizzlor. It's amazing what a few little parts can do in combination with the reused parts. (There should be more new parts, but that's a rant for another time.)
On paints, well Mattel takes a minimalist approach... (Logistics.) It works with Grizzlor. The fur creates a lot of the contrast on his body.
Accessories: He comes with the harness that works as a holster for his weapons. The 200X Loincloth looks cool, The weapons are awesome. (I wonder if they'll reuse the ax for Ram Man.)
4 Weapons and a place to hold them... Grizzlor is starting to look like the MAA of the Evil Horde.

Overall 4.33
I'm having a lot more fun with Grizzlor than I expected. The fur is better than I expected, the Horde is twice as big now. I must remember that Slime Pit + Grizzlor = $30.00 down the toilet! DO NOT PUT GRIZZLOR ON THE SLIME PIT!

Yes that is ME styling my Grizzlor and singing the theme song of she-who-musn't-be-named. This was made for the The Great Rebellion Club. A nice place for MotU/PoP fans on the chaos that is Facebook.

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