Dec 26, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: Super Secret Surprise Review

Unrelated pic tricked y'all...
Sorry, but I couldn't reveal my review just yet.
It's the Toy Story 3 Buddy Pack Buzz Lightyear and Lots O' Huggin' Bear.
There is not much to talk about these guys. They seem to be partially Deformed (almost Super Deformed.) to look more cute. Similar to the Superhero Squad toys from Hasbro.
Buzz Lightyear has 3 Points of Articulation. Shoulders and waist. Lotso on the other hand has his POA on the neck and shoulders. He also has 3 Points of Articulation. That's 3 more than I expected.
On the paint department, this is Mattel we're speaking of, so there isn't that much. The paint on Buzz is pretty much flawless, except the green on his boots. On Lots O' The paint is flawless... I have nothing to complain there.

There are no accessories here... Probably because these are toys for young children and these guys are rather small. Small accessories on small toys for young children means that they're choking hazards.
As you can see The figures are very small compared to the MOTUC toys. Although not Photographed. I noticed that Lotso has some sort of 200X Technology vestige. On his right foot he seems to have an Action chip... (in the TS3 line it's called Action Links) Probably the playsets react to the characters... Kinda like 200X... Hmm... Oh yeah! Lotso does NOT smell of Strawberries!

Now for the Score part of the Reviews. As alwasy 1 = crap just like the toy remnants from Sid's playtime and 5 = Awesome Toys loved by Andy until the end of time.

I expected these toys to have ZERO articulation. The 3 points of Articulation don't give Buzz much to do... Mostly because of his pose, but on Lots O' they give the teddy bear a decent range of motion.

Paint and Sculpt:
On the paint department there isn't much to see here. With the exception of Buzz's boots it's flawless. The sculpt it's cutesy and simple. Lotso has a stylized furry coat while Buzz has sculpted joints simulating additional PoA that the movie toy has.
Normally I'd ramble about the Lack of accessories like Lots O's cane (Must make a custom cane.)
but these guys, as I've said they're small toys for young kids. The alternative would've been a cane sculpted to his right arm and that would've limited his poses.

Overall: 4.0
While I'm not exactly super fond of Buzz... (Probably I will hide him in My TMNT Display as one of Michelangelo's toys) Lots O' on the other hand he will get more playtime... or be displayed with other characters...

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