Dec 24, 2010

Raiding Lara

Last time I spoke about change I touched the subject of videogames. There's a character who HAS changed a lot in the last 15 years: Lara Croft. I played TR, owned TR2, played 3 and 4, owned Chronicles, played Legend and skipped pretty much everything else.
Somewhere somehow, Lara Croft didn't click with me...

Lara, like Miley Cyrus (You know I had to sneak that one in...) has tried TOO hard to change their image. While Miley is trying to get rid of the child-friendly Hannah image' Lara is trying to get rid of her shallow "Sex-appeal" superficial look.
Now I give you the New Lara Croft!

You can read a whole article from Game informer if you click on Lara's name. Way up there!
The GI Magazine talks about how this new game is more survival story than "classic Tomb Raider" blah blah blah! I'll believe it when I see it. TR has tried too hard to reinvent itself, yet it remains too close to the original (or is incredibly buggy that its nearly unplayable).

Problem is that Lara has cried "change!" too many times and I've been so far unimpressed. Until now. The first thing I noticed on the new Lara is the lack of "Hyper Sex-appeal" from past Laras.
For the first time ever I've been mesmerized by Lara's eyes. Then again, pretty eyes a decent game do not make. It's highly unlikely that I'll play this game. Even if it seems to take some steps in the right direction, I'm not interested in Tomb Raider. Right now Crystal Dynamics NEEDS to wow me more to TRULY gain my interest.

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