Dec 25, 2010

It Came From the Toy chest: Wonder Woman hating edition

Cheetah (Priscilla Rich) is here!
I bought her mostly because she was on the Super Friends... Also I'm a bit lacking on the Supervillain department. Let's begin!
First thing I need to get off my congested chest... I think I caught a cold... not cool! Good thing I don't do video reviews. That's not what I was talking about...
It's the whole "Adult Collector"/ "Kids toys" issue.

Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich said this regards the lack of characters like Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Commissioner Gordon or Alfred:

The DCUC retail line needs to appeal to moms and kids as well as collectors and kids just are not interested in these type of characters. The online packs would have been the channel to release these type of characters but based on the sales of all 5 online packs we put out on Mattycollector, collectors were not interested in buying their DCUC figures this way, so we had to revert back to a retail line for new DCUC figs.

If there had been enough interest in the online packs we would likely have gotten to some of these figures in time. But as said above, fans were just not interested in this avenue to purchase DCUC figures so we had to stop the online packs after the Animal Instinct pack.
Oh come on! Most of these 2 packs were overpriced or they lacked stuff that made it interesting to collectors (like too obscure characters... as in non mainstream characters that casual fans might not know, or lacking KEY characters/Accessories).
-I'll begin with the Wonder Twins: No Monkey, no Money! Lacking Gleek was the main reason WHY I SKIPPED IT!
-Adam Strange/Starfire: I bought it on Cyber Monday. I knew how much Koriand'r sucked, yet I bought it.
-Color of fear 2 pack: I'm not a fan of the Corps, but this pack seems good enough.
-Justice in the Jungle: I'm not a huge fan of DC so I don't know this guys that well. No real interest on them.
- Alexander Luthor and Ultraman: Alternate Earth Superman and Luthor? Not interested in YET ANOTHER SUPERMAN/LUTHOR...

I'm certain that Alfred, Lois Lane, Commissioner Gordon CAN sell. Those are characters that even Casual fans KNOW.Tossing them in a Multi pack, or a Deluxe Mini Diorama/Multi pack would be cool.
Just Picture a Small Diorama of the Bat Computer (Could be made by Mattel's In-House Team) and having an Unmasked Batman and Alfred figures. Or a Commissioner Gordon with a Bat-Signal small Diorama. A Frigging Bat Signal IS most likely to sell... With a "free" Commissioner Gordon to boot!

Civilians don't sell? Then why Toybiz Released J.Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker, Norman Osborn, Mary Jane Watson on their Spider-Man Line? Hell a new MJ was released for the Spider-Man 3 Line...
April O'Neil gets released with Every Turtle Line.
They might be a bit slow to sell, but all that is needed is something to make it more desirable.
Tossing in the same Superman or Batman ALL the time won't sell the product!
I don't know about you, but I'd buy a Lois Lane/Superman two pack If it included a Superman that can hold Lois Lane's arm and included two flight stands. (Hopefully a new headsculpt for Supes...)

Sorry for the small tangent, but it still is on topic. Mattel has no idea to who they're catering this line. I've yet to see a kid asking for DCUC figs. Pretty much all I see is collectors ruffling through the DCUC pegs... (Usually complaining about the awful QC especially with Martian Manhunter.)

Now unto the figure itself. Cheetah comes with a Leg of Trigon and the pin.
Her articulation is similar to a standard DCUC female, but the tail has an additional PoA.
She looks like somebody used some Mace on her... Just like First Release He-Man, or my Adam's Constipated He-Man head. Other than that the figure looks really good.

Now I'm going to go in depth into the review. As always 1= Crap... Disappointment of Starfire levels and 5= Battlecat being Ridden by The Old Spice dude while The World's Most Interesting Man, Neil Patrick Harris, Dolph Ludgren AND David Hasselhoff carrying Battlecat to battle.

My biggest gripe with the articulation is: WHY IN THE HELL does Mattel keep using soft plastic for the piece that holds the legs to the crotch. That soft plastic has my WW's Right Leg frozen in place. (Can't move it for fear of breakage.) The same thing applies to Cheetah. While she doesn't have any joints frozen, I'm afraid of moving her legs much, due to the soft plastic in there.
Paint and Sculpt:
Aside from the Reddish area around the eyes, I don't see any paint flaws on Cheetah. The sculpt is pretty much standard fare for the 4H The crotch is probably new to accommodate the tail.
Well She comes with Nothing for herself, but the C&C Piece and the pin are her "accessories".
I'm not into assembling Trigon, but I want 2 more figs from the Wave (Wonder Girl and Superboy)

The soft disc joints on the Crotch/Hips ruin the figure for me. I really bought Cheetah to boost my Villain ranks. She does that, but I can't say much about her.

There are rumors that DCUC wave 18 is Superfriends themed... I hope that Apache Chief makes it to the line... "Inyuk-Chuk!"

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