Dec 12, 2010

Motion gaming... The rant.

Gaming has evolved. Now games can be controlled with your movements instead of just pushing buttons, We have come a long way from this:

To This:

Apparently motion gaming is here to stay. Is this the great, great, great (add a couple of more great) grandfather of Holodeck/Danger room total immersion gaming? It sounds awesome but the reality is that it isn't all that awesome... Once the "Look at me I'm controlling the action with my movements" rush wears out. I'll admit that it's fun, but it's not for every genre.

Also a HUGE problem with motion gaming is that it seems mostly catering to the casual gamer.
Many of these motion games seem like a collection of minigames. Oh yeah! let me choose between random mini game compilation A or B? Some of the "true games" that apply motion gaming elements have two huge issues:

-The motion elements are nice nearly useless easter eggs (Like MGS 4 and the six axis related stuff.)
-The flow of the game is a bit awkward due to Motion Gaming (Plenty of Wii games.) combined with old school gaming.

Now with the whole Kinect and PS Move wanting some of the Motion Gaming action; we're gonna see some crazy crap!

Just picture a GTA Game using Kinect... Jog in place to run, jump to jump... Hopefully they'll implement the OLD PS2 GTA cheat input system... Picture yourself flailing around like a moron to input a cheat.
I'm pretty sure I'd be tired and bored of the game after 30 minutes.

It's a cool idea to play some sports games like that, but sports games have evolved so much that motion gaming would be a step back. (Other motion gaming detractors would say: So you want to feel like you're swinging a bat at a ball? How about this crazy idea, GO OUTSIDE AND DO IT!)

Then again I'm sucker for games like this:

How come there isn't a Wii port of Mazan: Flash of the Blade?
Probably cause the game is old, but I digress.
Motion gaming will be stuck in mini-game mode for a long while until a way to play true games doesn't become too tedious.

Right now there are a few issues with motion gaming:
-Needs a lot of space. This one is quite obvious, but it needs to be reminded. Try playing multiplayer motion games in a small room. Either fights or rushing someone to the hospital will break up gaming night.
-Those systems that use controllers (Wii, PS3 Move) may cause damage to the TV if used improperly.

-It may require a dark room to play...(PS3 MOVE)

There are a lot of hiccups right now, but we have evolved a lot from the Power Glove or the Power Pad. I am glad that we've gone so far with it but there's something that is bugging me.
Will the Motion Gaming craze bring forth Erotic Motion Games?
Just picture a... You know what? Don't picture it! just watch this Robot Chicken Sketch!

If something like this gets made, I'm going to laugh. Not because it is funny, but cause my faith in humanity will be forever destroyed... I will probably play it out of morbid curiosity... The same type of curiosity that makes you look whenever there's a traffic accident. You know it's bad, but you can't help it.

For the moment I'm sticking to Traditional gaming... and still kick your ass in Mario Kart Wii with the Traditional controller...

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