Dec 20, 2010

The High Mile(y) club

♪I'm so high! I could hear heaven!
I'm so high! I could hear heaven!
Oh! But Heaven, no heaven don't hear meeeee!♫

You heard the one about Miley Cyrus getting high?

George Lopez and Mila Kunis take a potshot at Miley... pot shot... I crack myself up some times...
Thank you Peter.

Now I can start my rant...

Miley allegedly was using Salvia not weed. Salvia is legal, weed is not. Now Billy Ray's Achy Breaky heart seems to be broken once more... I find it kinda awkward that Miley suddenly got so high before she finished taking a hit. Part of me thinks that she's overacting and trying to play into her "Ooh look at me I'm a bad girl! Not the innocent Disney pwincess that Hannah Montana was!" act. If it was salvia (which is legal) I still think that Miley shouldn't have taken a hit, much less with someone recording her. This was one big mistake that might come and bite her in the ass eventually. Then again, Nobody's Perfect... (I had to put that one in... It's Miley we're talking about... Yes I know the song is Hannah's but Hannah is Miley... SHUT UP!)

I've said it before. The whole Killing Hannah in the least subtle ways will be the end for Miley.
Only time will tell.

I was expecting her trip to be something more like this...

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