Dec 5, 2010

Hey What the!? The Puertorrican Gargoyle

I kinda HAD to use that video. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard about "The Gargoyle" since the name was inspired by Disney's Gargoyles. A REAL Gargoyle is:
a : a spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure projecting from a roof gutter to throw rainwater clear of a buildingb : a grotesquely carved figure
: a person with an ugly face

Well, none of those descriptions match the so called creature. In fact it would be more like a winged Chuppakabura!

Well now that we got that out of the way, Let me begin with this rant. Not only the Chupacabras made it to Japan, now we have a WINGED VERSION!?

Oh great! He's going in "Chemojones" mode. He's going to hunt the "Gargoyle" He gonna find him. The Garygloyle's really dumb for real. Long story short: He will go, fail at it and waste everyone's time. If We're lucky, Puerto Rico, once again will be on the spotlight with ridculous stories about the Hunt for X "cryptid"... on the History Channel or Discovery.

The sketches of this Gargoyle look like a winged Grizzlor... whose review is coming up soon...
Tis the season to be jolly and stuff!

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