Mar 12, 2017

First it was Cap, now Magneto is a Nazi...

Nick Spencer has Surpassed Joe Quesada in the dick moves department... It's no secret that I truly LOATHE Joe Quesada for ruining Spider-Man, but Nick Spencer is far more evil.

OK, so Magneto:

Well, he is now a Nazi...

I know "Cosmic Cube" and "Magneto became the same as the Nazis when he decided to eliminate humans to have mutants rule the Earth" to defend this dumbass move.

"Cosmic Cube" is a cheap cop out to do "What if?" stories in the default Universe.
One thing is Magneto doing the same as the Nazis with the whole Eye for an Eye thing... A whole DIFFERENT THING IS HAVING a character whose raison d'ĂȘtre is being a Survivor of the Nazi Holocaust AND A MUTANT to become LITERALLY A NAZI...

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