Mar 13, 2017

Top most wanted Ranma ½ characters to become figures.

As you have seen with the Male Ranma It Came From the Toy Chest, I'm a bit into collecting Ranma figures. I have both Ranmas and I preordered Akane Tendo, because you KINDA NEED Both Ranma and Akane if one were to display them...
Once my boy Ryoga is made available, I'll preorder him, because he's MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. So, that's why Ryoga and Akane will NOT BE ON THIS LIST...
I'll post the character and a brief explanation WHY I WANT said character.

Genma Saotome Panda Form:
I'm aware of the Figuarts Zero, but that's a cop-out. I think we deserve a fully Articulated Genma in his cursed form... Sure it would be a bit expensive due to the new tooling, but he wouldn't NEED That much in accessories.

just enough articulation so I can do
this... I can get any ball 
Maybe 2 extra hands to change to gripping the broom or sign., the broom, the signs, a bit of bamboo, 2 extra faceplates (Scared and open mouth for eating, or angry look) and  Happosai with clip-on bag of loot and extra Panty Raid Faceplate.
Human Genma Saotome:
You knew this one was coming as well. He's more likely to happen than Panda Genma and I'd take just human form if it means getting ANY Articulated Genma.
what I'd like to see with him:
4 sets of extra hands similar to those that Ranma has. 2 Extra faceplates besides the normal stoic face plate. (screaming and crying), a Panda face sign, as seen on the pic to the left.
IF the Panda Genma mentioned above isn't made, then toss in Happosai here (no extra Faceplates, just normal Happosai and a Happo Daikarin.

The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, Tatewaki Kuno:
Not a difficult one to make, in theory... He wouldn't need that much. His Bokken, a dozen roses, a single rose, 4 pairs of hands and an extra hand to hold the single rose. 3 extra faceplates (shocked, goofy grin, Angry) Maybe we could toss in a barely articulated Cologne with him. just to get her. (she could be as articulated as the upcoming Meowth from the Team Rocket set.)

Ukyo Kuonji:
She completes the Triforce of fiancées.
She could reuse the existing female hands, then all we'd need is the specialized accessories for her, consisting of a single small spatula, the Large Spatula, an okonomiyaki, a brush with sauce, 3 extra faceplates (shocked, happy, angry). I'd toss in a Different P-Chan from the one from Akane. (Maybe this P-Chan could have the Mark of the Battling god...) This is also a nod to the Ukyo/Ryoga shipping.

We have Shampoo and I suggested a way to get Cologne. Getting Mousse is not as Far-fetched.
He'd be an accessory heavy figure... 2 extra hairpieces (one with the Glasses on top, the other with no glasses at all. the default hairpiece would have the glasses at the bottom so it looks like the figure is wearing the glasses normally. Otherwise we'd need a ton more of faceplates with glasses and without glasses.) the available male hands would work on him. I'd add a Hidden knives set of hands
 His 3 extra faceplates would be Goofy grin, angry, and shocked. His cursed duck form could come with 2 extra sets of wings. (The default would be tucked in to his body. the extras would be spread wings and the third set would be spread wings + knives.

Pantyhose Taro: (Human form)
I can't pick the spring of drowned "yeti holding an eel and crane while riding an ox" form, because of tooling, but having A somewhat big bad is a good thing. He'd reuse most of the Male parts, hands, I think Ranma's legs could get some usage here too. For his face plates, we get the usual, stoic, angry, shocked... I'd add an even angrier face to use while displaying him with Ranma. Here's also another opportunity to toss in Happosai if any of the previous two spots are a no go.

Where's Soun, Kasumi, Nabiki, Dr. Tofu, Kodachi, Gosunkugi, etc.?

Let's be fair: Kasumi and Nabiki would be harder to sell. They are plain normal humans. Soun we could sell, but he'd be pushing it a bit too far. Same thing would apply to Dr. Tofu. Kodachi, I'd like... Hell, I'd trade Pantyhose for her, but I chose Taro to increase the chances of getting Happosai. I'd like to get Gosunkugi but since the line seems to be based on the anime instead of the manga, then Gosunkugi would be like making a really obscure side character.

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